Natural fluoride is a factor in building teeth. However, there are reports on the internet that the chemical industry is dumping toxic waste fluoride in drinking water in some parts of the country.[ It is very expensive to get rid of the toxic fluoride.] I do not know how to prove whether this is true or not or what measures have been taken to stop this pollution and mass medication which is supposed to be illegal in this country. If a patient needs more natural fluoride then this can be easily obtained from toothpaste or fluoride tablets. There is no plausible reason to put fluoride in drinking water and it could easily cause an overdose and is expensive for the tax-payer.

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  • Gosh, off to check fluoride levels in local water. Then to buy bottled water... with an upper and lower denture I really don't need to be drinking fluoride! and at the same calcifying my pineal gland.

  • Absolutely right, sodium fluoride is what is added to water NOT fluoride as the NHS claim, and it is banned in all but six of the worlds countries as it is proven to be soaked up by the pineal gland, and that in turn soaks up calcium like a sponge. A calcified pineal gland inhibits the natural trace amounts of Dimethyltryptamine the body requires for normal brain functioning, the less DMT the more docile and compliant the person. The pineal produces Melanin, which is structurally similar to DMT, however Straussman et al. have worked extensively with DMT and have verified that, whilst the excretion from the pineal may be Melanin, the blood provides evidence of chemical reaction, in other wards the body transforms some of the melanin into DMT. Hence why sodium fluoride has been the chemical of choice for Psychiatrists the world over for some time now when 'treating' possible belligerents...oops I mean people with mental health problems. And the most important point in this whole scam to remember, sodium fluoride was originally a chemical waste produced within manufacture as a bi product, corporations were required to pay for its disposal. The Nazis had been experimenting with this substance in the water supply those within concentration camps so as to render them docile and compliant, governments in the West cottoned onto this and a deal was struck up between government and corporations (one of many!) whereby they were paid for the sodium fluoride, and that was then added to the water supply of the general public. Dentists, Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians are all very unethical people who drunk the eugenics cool aide from the turn of the last century. The NHS was founded by a eugenicist (Beveridge), and the Fabian society founded the Labour party and it was founded by a pair of eugenicists. Health Services = Social Darwinism for those of us who cant afford private. Now I am not implying every doctor is consciously a eugenicist, however the policy that is executed within the NHS is most certainly a result of these sick people. The 'Liverpool 'care' pathway' and the actions of people like Harold Shipman should suffice as basal evidence of this I'm a big boy, and take responsibility now to ensure my own health by educating myself and trying so far as possible to adjust my lifestyle to avoid the above, however with children I draw the line. What one of us wouldn't string a paedophile or child killer up for hurting one child, why the hell should these people chronically mutilate and cull our children for their own sick Nietzschean ends. Utopia is a world without Sociopaths, not a world full of them.

    All of the above is backed by the same academic journal evidence, and peer reviewed literature that academics use during training at Universities and thereafter. They do not even bother hiding it. Masons are not just fascinated by phalluses because they have an introverted penis envy issue, it is representative of the conscious effort throughout history of civilisations using various methods to breed (or as is the case with Masons build) a more 'agreeable' society, War has been the primary method throughout history, but with the improvements technology has brought to warfare viz-a-viz fatalities more insidious and utterly reprehensible methods have been employed. Its a sick world, and we are all sick because of it!

    Love and conquers all, so long as we love our families and one another and learn philosophical methods of reasoning (not the fact memorisation method of control thrust upon us as 'education' throughout higher education) they can never defeat us.

    Best wishes to you all and stay safe.