Many countries have banned the use of mercury amalgam fillings. The WHO have called for a ban in all countries by 2020. The EU want a ban in all European countries by 2018. Over 300 research studies have conclusively proved that mercury amalgam is causing a multitude of serious diseases. Conversely no research has ever established the safety of the amalgam. Nor will research ever establish the safety of mercury amalgam because it cannot prove that it is NOT causing sub-clinical disease.

The main problem is that the elemental mercury leaks out and accumulates in the body. In some parts of the brain it has a half-life of nearly 30 years. In the heart it can reach levels thousands of times more than the natural level causing heart attacks. About 10 to 15% of patients become hypersensitive to the mercury and a battery is created in the oral cavity which can interfere with nervous transmissions.

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  • All patients with mercury amalgam fillings have their immune system depressed to some degree and their health level.

  • General public can not even imagine to how much mercury the are exposed.

    watch a short video what happens when you drink a cup of coffee to your amalgam fillings.

  • Professor Stock of Germany 1930:- Mercury amalgam, the greatest sin against man.

  • About 2 years ago it was found that Margaret Hamberg, Chief of the FDA, was sitting on the board of directors of the main mercury amalgam company [schein]. She was receiving $250,000 a year for 3 hours work to continue to recommend the use of mercury amalgam.She is still Chief of the FDA. The general public in the USA have taken legal action to force the FDA to tell the truth about mercury amalgam.

    The American Dental Association was set up and funded by the mercury amalgam industry. At one time the ADA held the patent for the amalgam.