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teeth being related to other body problems

I just recently had my fifth root canal and crown done. In doing some online research I came across something called median tooth charts. You find the teeth in question by number, and find body part they are related to. In my case, after looking at when I had a problem with a certain tooth it seemed to be very true. One root canal was during time I had hormone and thyroid problems. Another two was related to intestinal problems after back surgery. (They went through my ab to do the spine surgery, and afterward I had gas, bowel and incontinence issues). It really blew my mind to think of it. Another reason to keep up on the body health as well as teeth!

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I had one tooth number 3 root canal five years ago( or number 2 because I do not have wisdom tooth yet). Before root canal I had minor stomach problem that never was annoying. A few months after root canal I have been facing stomach problems like cramps and irregular stool that makes to me serious problems that cause me can not go to my classes.I tried many many ways to treat myself. A few months ago I was thinking when this problem started I found the only change I had in my life was having root canal in third semester of my study. And I remembered after 3rd semester I could not go to my classes normally due to my stomach cramps. 2 months ago I went to dentist and she found an infection in my tooth that had root canal. 4 days ago I treated the infection by her but one step is remained to finish. In theses four days my stomach is very very calmer than before but still have some minor problem. My bloating has come to 10 percents of before this tooth treatment. I hope I am right. Because I tried different ways and seeing no results I can not trust my current situation. I need more time to judge better.


I had never heard of this. I had my root canal 3 months ago from Dawson Dental ( ) and I was having some problems related to thyroid at that time. Will check that 'Median Tooth Chart' to learn more regarding this :)


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