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Loose molar. Anxiety sufferer!

I have had several fillings on one of my molars over the years which always seem to drop out. I think this is because most the tooth is made of filling. The last time i visited my dentist to have it filled she said they wouldnt re fill next time and a root canal was mentioned. A few months later the filling dropped out again and i had some pain for a while but it eased by itself. this was about 3 years ago now and i havent been to my dentist due to severe anxiety. Last week abit more filling fell from the middle of my molar, again no pain or anything so ive left it. A day later whilst eating the front part of my molar moved(the bit visible when smiling) This caused massive panic and i spent all day crying at fear of a dental visit. It has been 4 days now and the loose bit is still there but isnt causing any pain. Will this just drop out itself like a baby tooth would? it is loose from the gum just like a baby tooth. I just cannot face going to the dentist but want reassurance of what will happen to my tooth. P.s the rear of the molar is still in place with no looseness.

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Hi, I had the same problem, think the tooth has split so best to have it out,it will become painful to chew on eventually and you risk getting infection. My dentist is in Nottingham smile style ,he is fab ,you need a dentist who deals with anxiety.i have had a root canal done with him ,I wouldn't have considered being in a dentist chair for that long but he was great..if your tooth is loose it means the root isn't strong enough to support it so best have it out,sorry for your angst I know how you feel.x