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Weird Taste/Sensation

Hi guys,

I've been having some troubles with my mouth for nearly 2 years now. Initially I thought it was just dehydration/dry mouth but no amount of water helped, I also am not lacking in saliva. It kinda does have the same sensation of a dry mouth though, I tend to have my tongue locked to the top of my mouth all day long. It's hard to describe but the bad "taste" seems to be on my tongue and inside of my cheeks and it's constant. Sometimes worse than others. My mouth just feels dirty. In the morning it is hellish. I brush my teeth throughout the day to get some relief but it comes back soon after. The longer I leave it the worse it gets.

I have been to see a couple of doctors including an ENT specialist as well as three different dentist but no real answers there. I am 32 and in fairly good health. I did find out that my bottom wisdom teeth are impacted. Top ones seem fine. No pain but my jaw does seem a little stiffer these days. Could this be the cause? The last dentist I saw had said I have been grinding my teeth whilst I sleep too, something my wife noticed soon after. He also said I have gum disease due to being an ex smoker, although the 2 other dentist did not notice this. I have no swelling, red gums or pain. He was trying to persuade me to have a very expensive "deep clean" followed by wisdom teeth extraction but i'm quite reluctant to do this without getting another opinion first.

Couple of other points: my tonsils have been removed after having Quinsy some years ago and I have also had bad sinuses from allergies for some years but to be honest they've seemed clearer at the moment than they have been in many years. Could I have some sort of sinus infection the doctor missed?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, Keef! I suggest you get a WaterPik. I have found one, new online at Amazon for $15! Try this before you brush your teeth and just for giggles, plug the sink, just to SEE all that is removed. After After you brush, as usual I hope you are feeling better, fresher and tasting food better. I do it before the morning exercises to be sure I am not circulating ALL THAT stuff into my system. Let me know if this is EXTREMELY beneficial to you! I doubt that the Dentist will volunteer an inexpensive, home remedy cuz they are in business to make money. All doctors want, and need us to " come back ".


Oh, yeah! I forgot... You can add mouthwash, peroxide, and use warm and, cold water as desired.


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