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Mouth Ulcers

Hi, I'll try to be precise and concise. My problem's probably simple and serious. I am not sure.

I have had ulcer's visit from quite a long time now. I was a chronic smoker for the past 6 years, however I have recently Quit. Its been 3 months now that I have quit. But these ulcers have visited me before I even started smoking in the first place. They were quite persistent in their patterns. A visit every 2 months, and went away within a weeks time. However from the past few months, They are really persistent. Even the slightest of the scratch on my lip results in a ulcer.

I tried consulting a few local doctors, all said its just a result of my indigestion, Heat etc....

I was also prescribed a few Vitamin B capsules and anit biotic ointments. The uclers left as soon as I was on mediciation. However they kept coming back after the course was complete.

This went on for a month.

Now I have a major ulcer at the back of my mouth right at the joint of my jaw. Like where my last teeth from the upper and lower jaw meet. Its really giving me hard time to speak and chew. Also now, I feel like have an ulcer in my throat, I can't see it, but I feel it everytime I take in a Gulp. This has happen to me earlier and has gone away, like hundred times. I am not sure what this is, and how I can make sure that these don't visit me again. I am really fed up of these. Please Help.

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You need to go to a dentist that works mainly with soft tissues: The stomatologist. Don't wait so much because you report here that the ulcers are more persistent than before.


Go back to see the doctor, not just the dentist. Sometimes mouth ulcers can be an indication of problems with the digestive system e.g.: bowel problems such as colitis or Crohn's disease. Coeliac disease which causes people problems with eating gluten can also be a cause of reoccurring mouth ulcers. If you notice different times that the ulcers come and go then it would be a good idea to keep a food diary to monitor what you eat and drink and to see if there is any connection to when the ulcers appear. It may be a time consuming effort, but this gives you useful evidence to discuss with your doctor. Have you looked at changing toothpastes? Different toothpastes can sometimes give people problems. If you have had this problem for a number of years, I suggest it would be a good idea to look carefully at your diet and see if there may be any clues there, that are triggering your ulcers.


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