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Are Dental Procedures safe during pregnancy?

The pain due to the cavity in my molar tooth is killing me slowly and now the cheek has swollen very badly. I’m into the second trimester and I’m concerned on taking any kind of treatment from the dentist. I’ve got my situation checked at Mount Royal Dental clinic last week and Dr. Gupta mountroyaldental.com/drgupt... was the one who did the diagnosis. Found that there is a slightly severe cavity and needed to do something, but I refused to do any procedure. Now, pain is unbearable and need a solution soon. What are the options I have which is also safe for my child?

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General dental treatment can usually be postponed until after birth. Emergency dental treatment must be completed if the risk to the foetus is high. The risk of carrying out dental treatment in pregnant patients is largely unknown ( as clinical tests are not possible). In your case , numbing the tooth and stabilising the infection ( probably the cause of the swelling) is very low risk and will buy you time until after the birth to have more permanent treatment completed. The longer the tooth remains untreated the more complex the dental treatment becomes so act fast !


Routine dental care can be received during the second trimester, but make sure you tell your dentist all the medications you are taking. This can help him alter the dental treatment plan accordingly. I know a dental office, Phelan Dental at Oakville, which uses advanced methodologies for the provision of best oral care. Also avoid dental X rays during this period and follow good oral hygiene practices to prevent oral problems.


Kat, you can't get 'porcelain' fillings. I think you mean composite - i.e. white filling.

Mercury has no toxic effect in the body from a silver filling - in fact you ingest more mercury eating shellfish!


1. Amalgam filling containing mercury: in the mouth mercury is amalgamated into other metals - hence is inert. I.e. the mercury is bound to another metal (e.g. as Ag3Hg3- silver mercury) and hence doesn't just enter the body or brain.

There are studies that have looked at levels of amalgam in toenail samples and grouped into groups with silver fillings and without, and into groups who eat seafood and don't. Guess what, those that ate more seafood had higher levels of amalgam ppm in the toenail - and the number of silver fillings had NO EFFECT.

2. Main form of mercury ingestion is:

- polluted air

- sea food (tuna.swordfish/shellfish)

3. Only person at LOW RISK of 'HIGHER (notice the -er) levels of mercury' from dental amalgams is the dentist/nurse, not the patient, since amalgam fillings release mercury vapours during filling placement or removal.


yes, it's safe. I f you want, you might read more on dentalimplantsfriends.com/t... Hope this helps x


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