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Wisdom teeth

I'm having so problems with my wisdom teeth.. all four of them starting growing about 4ish years ago.. They are painful and keep bleeding but are not growing at all I can only feel one little point on each of them.. I really don't know what too do, I've been dentist but wasn't very helpful as he didn't want to do anything as i have a 'water allergy' and my mouth swells up with to much contact with water.. I need some adviseee people :)

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Wisdom teeth .... the guidelines now state that only if certain criteria is met that wisdom teeth should be removed.

If you are experiencing more than 3 episodes of pain in a 12 month period , its unlikely that the pain will just go away and its time to have them out. Problem is that wisdom tooth removal ( particularly lower wisdom teeth) carries some risk eg permanent nerve damage , depending on how they are positioned in the jaw.

Upper wisdom teeth tend to be easier to remove and less risky although the pain after the local anaesthetic

wears off can be really unbearable for up to a week and smokers have a high chance of the healing socket getting re infected.

So in summary its a case of have them removed if you really have no other choice , otherwise you are probably better off postponing having them out which is probably what your dentist is thinking too.


If you are not satisfied with your dentist look for another one and try to find a solution for your situation. Isn't it painful? I don't understand how you could wait for a solution? If I were in your situation I would have run to every single dentist in my place, until I get some relief from the pain. If you still have the problem and need any time of care or help, try this link:


I think it is better to remove the wisdom tooth. When my wisdom teeth didn't grow fully i decided to visit the dentist and he asked me to remove them but i refused. When i came across different articles it was surprising for me to know that hen they are only partially grown it is better to remove them as the reason could be that they are stuck. And in such a scenario there is a possibility that the tooth in the adjacent socket would also be in trouble and hence i removed them with a fear that i will have to suffer more with having them.


Hi miacarlawilliams1994! I hope by this time your dentist already treated you. Just to add some info based on your statement. You said that it keeps on bleeding but not growing. Therefore it is a partial eruption which means the wisdom tooth fails to descend completely into the mouth cavity. In such cases, partially erupted wisdom teeth provide easy access for bacteria and infection. So for sure that's the cause of pain. The best thing to do is to undergo wisdom teeth extraction. Talk to your dentist about it and for sure they will do Panoramic x-ray to have a clear view of how the wisdom teeth are situated and an indication of the difficulty of extraction.

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