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Dropping TTFD and planning to switch to Sublingual (B1)

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I am dropping TTFD and planning to switch to (B1) Sublingual (thiamine mononitrate)

I have edited my posts to include: *** I ended up with High Blood Pressure taking TTFD. I no longer take TTFD. Based on my experience, I would not recommend TTFD. ***

I plan to start what Dap1948 uses. I took one this morning. It doesn’t taste as bad as I feared and the nitrate compound may lower my blood pressure. I do realize - I am not following protocol.


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I hope the B1 works for you. I am having trouble finding it at the moment. It seems to be out of stock on all the websites ive tried


Thanks for trialling TTFD and adding to the pool of experiences. Remember to take sublingual tablets as per instructions in the book! Good luck with sublingual

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Rikyster in reply to Dap1948

What’s TTFD please?

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Gcf51 in reply to Rikyster

Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfuryl Disulfide (TTFD) is a derivative of thiamine (B1) with higher bioavailability and solubility than Thiamine HCL. As it stands I would not recommend, I would go with Dap1948 recommends in her book.

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Dap1948 in reply to Rikyster

Most thiamines, including dietary thiamine (what we get from food) need a transporter to get into cells and the brain. TTFD and allithiamine does not. This sounds good, but it can lead to overdosing. The B1 therapy is about finding the right dose to trigger symptom improvements. it’s not a case of the more the better. Too much can be a problem and lead to worsening symptoms.

Hi Gcf51 just yesterday morning I received Alinamin-A from Japan but, after your pressure problems, which you attributed to it, I am not sure to use it. However reading the package leaflet, among the side effects mentioned, does not include reference to blood pressure. The dosage recommended is 1-3 tablets once a day for people over 15 years of age, 11-14 years 1-2 tablets, 7-10 years 1 tablet, do not use under 7 years. The fact that TTDF can also be used by children and teenagers makes me think that the product is harmless, without questioning your complications of course.

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Gcf51 in reply to Fed1000

I agree with your logic – must be safe. This site alinamin-kenko.jp/en/produc... says “In addition to containing fursultiamine, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6, this medicine contains calcium pantothenate, which becomes coenzyme A and plays an important role in the production of energy.” Maybe, the other ingredients work with the TTFD.

I know of one other person that is taking my brand of TTFD with no problems yet.

Fed1000 Makes me wonder if swansonvitamins.com/p/swans... which contains 50mg of Pantethine (coenzyme A precursor) (from Pantesin®) is responsible for bringing down by Blood Pressure and not the nitrate in the Dap1948's sublingual (I just started that B-Complex from Swanson's just a few days ago). I am finding the hour it takes to fully absorb the sublingual more time consuming than dividing the TTFD dose.

I will continue with TTFD .. For now it works well with me and no problems with BP. Sublingual might be the next alternative if a need be.

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Fed1000 in reply to dadcor

Hi, how much TTDF are you using now per day and what are its effects? Thank you

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dadcor in reply to Fed1000

10mg every second or third day, depending on how I do feel.. No other symptoms any more except the tremor.. Forgot to emphasize the very good effect on constipation!!

Hello Gcf51, what about liposomal? I saw the other day a liposomal B1 Thiamine 25 mg, but it had 100 mg of Benfotiamine in it too. I haven't seen a separate Vitamin B1 Thiamine yet.

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Gcf51 in reply to ryant123

I wouldn't liposomal would have anything to do with B1 Therapy. amazon.com/dp/B09V81KYG7?ta...

Are you saying don’t take TTFD?

Not saying don't, just not my recommendation. My Blood Pressure has always been on the high side of normal. Any increase made mine high and it could have been anxiety that push it through the roof.

Bottom line – my experience with TTFD has proved to me, that Thiamine has a place in reducing symptoms of PD. I am just too sensitive to TTFD and will have to find another derivative of Thiamine that works for me.

FYI Sublingual thiamine mononitrate is liposoluble 👍

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Gcf51 in reply to Gioc

Liposoluble: A drug preparation that contains the active drug inside very tiny, fat-like particles. Not saying you are wrong, just that I see nothing on label or literature of Superior Source that indicates it is liposoluble except maybe contains milk.

Is liposomal the same as Nano?

Liposomes and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are similar by design, but slightly different in composition and function. Both are lipid nanoformulations and excellent drug delivery vehicles, transporting cargo of interest within a protective, outer layer of lipids. In application, however, LNPs can take a variety of forms. So it appears you are right.


Wonder if Nano helps it cross the BBB.... 🤪

Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) are one of the safest and cheapest carriers of the drug, enabling the treatment of neurological disorders in a nontoxic, safe, and effective way by crossing the BBB. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl....

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Gcf51 in reply to Gcf51

Dap1948 Edited Their answer was No. So Nano Helps cross the BBB... I wonder if Micro does too and if so when MicroLingual was patented it could have easily been patented as a drug. This could be why it only take a small portion of Superior Source as compared to HCL is effective.

Gioc Feed Back on conclusion greatly desired...

I just sent an email to Super Source asking if, "Does MicroLingual® Technology help your B1 no shot cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)?"

OK, I might be jumping to a false conclusion, in my mind Nano and Micro mean the same thing...

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Gioc in reply to Gcf51

Sorry Gcf51

I did a translation error.

instead of saying:

”FYI Sublingual thiamine mononitrate is liposoluble ”

I meant:

“FYI Sublingual thiamine mononitrate is lipid-soluble “

I apologize

Lipid soluble mean “Capable of dissolving in fats, oils, or fatty tissues (e.g., the fatty tissue within the peritoneum or the lipid-rich membranes of neurons).”

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Gcf51 in reply to Gioc

Well.. The response if any from Super Source will still be of interest.

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Gcf51 in reply to Gcf51

Their answer was No.

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Gioc in reply to Gcf51

to which question exactly?

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Gcf51 in reply to Gioc

Does MicroLingual® Technology help your "B1 no shot" cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)?

Their full reply was, "No, it is our name for a true, soft-molded tablet, which will dissolve very rapidly under the tongue."

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ryant123 in reply to Gcf51

I did a search of Liposomal B1 blood brain barrier, and found information. I didn't see of B1 in regards with it yet.

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