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AMAZING video on PMB (photobiomodulation) from neuro scientist who holds 3 international patents! PAIN RELIEF and more!

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Her name is Dr. Juanita Anders. I Googled her and her list of achievements, awards, and positions in the field of brain research and pain relief .... is too long to list here.

*Despite having 3 patents in neuro research... despite her employment with the Defense Department ... the Michael J. Fox Foundation REFUSED this amazing scientist a grant for PMB in 2019. Fox said that PMB was not 'proven' for PD!

*I know she gets "technical" (which is waaaay behind my understanding). But I strongly encourage you to watch the ENTIRE video as ... here and there ... (especially towards the end) there are some remarkable insights into how light therapy is a CURE for wounds... HEALS ... and PREVENTS... so many different diseases/ conditions... and she does (briefly) talk about PMB for PD.

*I don't believe in the shysters out there trying to sell you their $300 'red light toys' (Coronet Duo, etc.). For those of you who find benefit from these devices, wonderful!

But all the research shows they are WORTHLESS because they just don't have the 'power' to penetrate a HAND... let alone the thickness of the bone plate of the SKULL. I've posted multIple links from neuro-researchers that support this.

*I emailed Dr. Anders for updates (this video is from 2019 and I can't find anything more recent on YouTube). I'll post her reply here....



A 'MIRACLE CURE' is just around the corner!


Dr Anders ... 2 minute intro

Dr. Anders ... 1 hour 12 minute lecture


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Take a second look at her slide at 59:28. What she is saying is that Penetration of light is wavelength dependent, increasing power just generates more photons at the depth permitted by the wavelength. Thus, a low power device and a high power device using 810 wavelengths would penetrate equally. A low power device would need more time to generate the equivalent dose of photons.

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Also, at 58:45, using 808 nm wavelengths and 8 human cadaver heads, she cites that the light penetrates 4 cm.

the distance from top of our skull into the substania nigra (where our dopamine cells are located) is about 7.6 cm

PD is not simply a matter of dopamine and not simply a matter of the snpc. There's no law that dictates that the only manner in which a red light helmet could help PD is by pentrating the snpc.

have to disagreeit's basic physics

and i've read enough studies and watched enough videos/ webinars to

understand that 'fluence' is the key factor ... and 'fluence' requires at least a 10 watt PMB device to reach into our substania nigra and basal ganglia... to stimulate the mitochondria to help our neurons

you might want to watch these two neuro scientists demo what kind of PMB is needed to help those of us with PD


current research in the US

thanks, did you catch this on that page? It started in '2018'? and nothing further so it appears to be 'dead'---------------------

Recruitment Status : Recruiting

First Posted : June 11, 2018

Last Update Posted : September 9, 2021

here's more at the bottom of the page:

Actual Study Start Date : June 26, 2019

Estimated Primary Completion Date : May 2022

Estimated Study Completion Date : May 2022

have you heard any more on this?

I have not. I just emailed one of the researchers so if I hear anything I will let you know

thanks! let me know...

research being done in France

thanks! good links! i scanned both of them... pretty scary approach, in my opinion...researchers want to IMPLANT a PMB device inside the BRAIN???

and the volunteers are very early PD... while i applaud them for their bravery,

i think they're nutzzzz!

"In this clinical study, the investigators will evaluate the tolerance and safety of intraventricular surgical technic and illumination by the Ev-NIRT medical device implanted into the brain of 7 patients with Parkinson's disease. idiopathic, aged 25-65 years, at a very early stage (less than 2 years of evolution). The NIR illumination will begin immediately after surgery."

that does sound worrisome

research being done in Spain:

thanks, very interesting BUT... i don't see "Spain" anywhere on the web page


Contact: Luis Santos, PhD +34987293004



Department of Physical Education and Sport, University of León Recruiting

León, Castilla Y León, Spain, 24071

Contact: Luis Santos, PhD

Sponsors and Collaborators

University of Oviedo

thanks and i just double-checked that link... they are doing the same type of 'brain operation' on volunteers!-------------

"Experimental: Intervention photobiomodulation (IPBM)

Patients assigned to the IPBM participated in fourty-eigth transcraneal photobiomodulation (PBM) theraphy sessions, using a therapeutic laser console, over the course of six months."

you would think this could be done in some other way

sounds like medieval "blood letting" to me...and don't forget to attend the live webinar on thursday from the head of UCLA's movement disorder clinic... i posted the zoom registration link twice.... here it is again

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