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Vielight competitor?

kaypeeoh profile image proneurolight seems to be a vielight clone. First thing I saw on the website is that it treats PD! Even vielight doesn't claim to treat PD. So is this a scam or merely a Chinese clone? Vielight costs up to $3000 while this company says a little over $1000 for similar components: Nasal and head LED units using FAR and red light, 660 and 810 nm. Vielight still says 80% of cost is given back if no effects within 3 months.

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This device looks like a solid head covering and I would be concerned about lack of ventilation and possible head overheating . Would definitely ask the company about this factor before making any decision.

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It says 25 minute treatment time. I assume that's short enough to prevent overheating the skull?

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Honestly, I don't know much regarding this issue but on Vielight X-Plus information sheet there is this statement:

"Safety Features:

A cooling micro-fan is built into the LED module to ensure

a comfortable temperature is maintained during operation.

The user will hear a slight whirring sound due to the operation

of the fan. "

If you look at Vielight and Coronet devices they have plenty of room for air circulation, so I am not sure how well this new device is designed.

A small correction, like most light helmets for PD this uses NIR (near infrared) not FIR (far infrared)

Thanks for the note. I wrote it late at night when my brain wasn't too clear anyway. So near infrared is closer to the visible red light on the light spectrum? I was a veterinarian in practice for 35 years. And every day I used a red light for developing radiographs. At first we developed xrays same as developing photographs with three trays, one with developer, one with fixer and one with a wash. It was a big day for us when we bought a developer that streamlined the process. And an even bigger day when we switched to computerized xrays.

There's always talk about toxins causing PD. I developed photos in high school and all through college and vet school. That's over 40 years of daily exposure to developer and other photography chemicals.

Yes, near-infrared refers to the range from the edge of visible light (700nm) to around 1400nm. Far-infrared, which is also thermal, is from around 3000nm -100,000nm. Mid-infrared bridges the two.

Interesting to read about your profession and thoughts on possible toxicity effects. Like you I tick a few boxes for being at higher risk of developing PD (in my case symptoms from early 30s). Most of us may never know if there was a specific trigger or cause.

I just bought a cheap one with 660nm online ($39 USD). The user manual advises keeping it from 15cm to 30cm away from the body, but it purportedly is designed for repairing muscle tissue, not a brain. In addition, 15-30 cm away from the brain seems extremely far for such a weak red light. Aren't the Vielight and the Coronet Duo supposed to be used with the lights only a couple of cm away from the scalp?

Yeah the closer the better.

Interesting. This model comes with nose plugs. What purpose does nose plugs serve for a red light hat?

The nose plugs get the light closer to a region of neurons in the deep brain that are considered important to stimulate in PD

Very interesting! Do they have to be a particular type of nose plug or will simple cotton plugs do the trick?

I don't think it's a plug. It's a clip that holds the light for shining it t toward the substantia nigra.

The proneurolight also lacks 40Hz pulsed light which has been clinically shown to increase brain stimulation

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