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Sleep/Anxiety almost perfect!!!

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About 1.5 years ago, I was waking up at least 5-6 times and constantly anxious. In addition to Restore Gold, Coimbra Protocol, and exercising my butt off I started the Coronet in Oct 2020. Helped me a ton but still woke up a couple times a night. (Same as I have done for years, way before PD) Anxiety was improved but not gone.

4 days ago I started taking Magnesium threonate before bed (also during the day) It was amazing, I didn’t wake up once in 4 nights. Also, my anxiety is gone. There is also studies that it could possibly be neuroprotective ? It is the only form of magnesium that crosses the BBB and penetrates into the CSP fluid.

Hope someone finds someone that may need some help!

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Thanks for sharing your experience with magnesium threonate.

What is the size of each dose, and how many doses per day are you taking?

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Prof Frank Church recommended magnesium threonate in his 2020 "integrative medicine" article.

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Thanks for the question. I took 1500mg dose (3x500 mg) before bed. The brand I took was doublewood . I also took two doses of 1000 mg (2x500 mg) during the day. It states on the bottle not to take more than 4000mg a day. I am currently on the Coimbra Protocol that needs lots of magnesium. The suggested dose is 2000 mg a day. I plan on taking the max dose…. One more 500mg pill soon. You should be careful if taking during the day, can make you sleepy.

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4000 mg/day is twice what Prof Church recommends. Double Wood Supplements is the brand he uses.

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I forgot to mention that I am on the Coimbra Protocol that needs high doses of magnesium.

What is the Coimbra Protocol?What medication are you taking? Thanks for sharing your information on magnesium. I used a product called Dopa Plus by pure encapsulation until I was started on c/l to determine if I have Parkinson's. Dopa Plus had that form of magnesium in it. The product had very calming effects. I was told by a nutritionist/pharmacist to stop taking it when I started c/l. Since I stopped using Dopa Plus and started the c/l I find myself very anxious. Good luck with your journey.


The Coimbra Protocol is a protocol designed to treat Autoimmune Diseases with massive doses of Vitamin D. You eliminate all dairy, drink lots of water, lift weights (keep calcium in your bones)It’s does wonders with MS/Crohns. I believe my form of Parkinson’s is autoimmune because of my family history. I’ve been on it for 2.5 years and don’t believe I have progressed.

I take 2 total Rytary 25/100 a day.

Who put you on that protocol? How much Do you take? What form of Parkinson's do you have and how was it diagnosed? Do you have tremors? Does the medication you are using have side effects? Thanks so much for your help

Brand name and the supplier the coronet vie light theeapy

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In my experience, when people mention the Coronet, it's always this one they are referring to.

What quantity do you take? Thx.

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Read my reply to Jeffreyn

Interesting! Maybe that’s what I need!

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If you are not taking Magnesium, it's time to start! :) It improves cognition and prevents cramps.

The article I read indicated, the study showed Magnesium threonate does cross the BBB. They have not studied all forms. I say, Magnesium bisglycinate chelate also does (because when I first started taking I could feel tingling in my brain). Magnesium is require, I remember reading an article "Is it PD or Magnesium deficiency". Some forms of Magnesium will flush your system out and won't even get into your blood stream. I have been mixing the powder to take my morning meds maybe I need to switch to using to take my night meds. A search showed Magnesium bisglycinate is the most popular sleep aid. {Another reason to say it also crosses the BBB.}

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Yes, Magnesium Glycinate helps improve insomnia. Take it with Melatonin, both are sleep aids that work!

Good to know. That’s why my threonate doesn’t seem to help me sleep. I take mine around 4pm. Maybe too early. I have a problem swallowing the capsules so I leave it in my mouth to soften then swallow it with glass of water. How many mg do you take and at what time at night? Thanks for the info.

@Kingdomcome I buy a bulk jar and mix with water, jar says take one scoop with is 400 mg. I take Probably half

@Kingdomcome Taking at night is not the compete answer, I took with nighttime meds , woke up at 12:30 and could not go back to sleep... Maybe, because I took a dose with morning meds (double dosed).

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