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Glutithione Spray

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I was curious about glutithione Spray. I bought some from ageless Rx. I thought intravenous would be too expensive. I will post after a month if I see a difference. My primary doctor keeps mentioning to look into glutithione. Right now I do Mucona capsules boxing and walking.

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Is it the nasal spray? I am curious how it works for you. Are you going to have blood levels checked before and after? I am taking 10 pumps liposomal glutathione orally daily. Seems like the spray would be easier. The liposomal glutathione is messy and doesn’t taste great. And it’s pricey at 3 bottles per month for the 10 pumps daily.

I just had blood work done. This particular brand was $110. I can get it for $100 delivered automatically monthly. They say that a nasal spray gets through the blood brain barrier. It doesn't taste like anything. Does your oral version work for you?

I’ve been taking it for a month. The only change so far was a firming up of my poop. But my symptoms were already well managed with c/l, B1, and mannitol. I am early stage. I just dropped my c/l dose 2 weeks ago so waiting to stabilize from that.

I am very interested in following this thread. I have had a look on line but can not find nasal spray, just the oral version. I live in Europe but normally find everything on Amazon

I'm using Ageless Rx brand. I didn't find that brand on Amazon.

You can use NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) too (1200mg-1800mg/day) as a glutathione precursor.

Do you use NAC and do you need to take it with glycine? I bought some of both for my hwP but then chickened out of pressing him to take it. Does anyone use NAC? I began using the glycine and it seems to have helped me stay asleep the whole night.

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I’ve taken NAC for 5 years since diagnoses. Still going ok (havnt told people at work etc ), though recent problems with freezing/falling while playing tennis.No way of knowing if the NAC has been a factor.

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Had not realized that back is glutathione precursor, will look into the mechanisms, watching and learning about this intersection with NAC, sometimes I'll pull and sometimes rather controversial, should be very interesting.

Look at this trial :

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Is there an English version?

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www-santelog-com.translate.... (Google translation)

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Thanks Chris

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I was given NAC a few years ago by a naturopathic doctor but it got lost in the pile of supplements that ended up on my kitchen counter! I believe there’s still some in the back of a cupboard. Perhaps I should give it another go.

I give NAC to my mum who is a PwP. Didn't know it could/must be taken with Glycine.

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Hold on, must it? More on that please

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Look at the trial above mentioned.

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? I can’t see the mention of glycine?

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No mention of Glycine. Only NAC in this trial.

I got scared off of Glycine. Of course, I could be way wrong.

I was in Laurie Mischley's 2015 study on intranasal glutathione. I had taken NAC since my diagnosis in 2013, and had to do a 90 day washout prior to the study. I noticed a more rapid progression of symptoms during that time. (NAC is a precursor to glutathione) When I "snorted" my first dose of intranasal glutathione I had an immediate response...I could process visual stimuli faster, had smoother gait and better hand dexterity etc. The glutathione was not very stable, had to be kept in the frig and was specially formulated at a compounding pharmacy.

You can google the study, her results were inconclusive but I know it had a profound affect on me. We did a 30 day washout after the 90 days of glutathione. At $300-400/month for glutathione I opted to return to the NAC. When I later did one month of the intranasal glutathione (while doing NAC) I noticed very little impact. My analysis - Glutathione had a significant impact alone, but the NAC provided similar results (for about $10/month).

Dr. Mischley insists that NAC is an excito-toxin with ill effects to the brain and poor outcomes. She recommends oral glutathione. We all know that doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, yet results of her Modifiable Variables in Parkinsonism (MVP) Study indicates glutathione supplementation improves PD. She suspects taking it orally supports other glutathione hungry organs (the liver and lungs) allowing for an increase of glutathione to be generated in the brain.

(I don't know anything about glycine and NAC...)

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So, SuuSuu, you still use NAC regardless of Dr Mischley's disapproval? Can I ask if you have tremor and whether the NAC seems to have helped with that? Also do you use 600mg twice a day?

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I do use it at 600mg. once a day, sometimes twice/day. I do alternate with glutathione 500mg every month or so -- a bottle of one and then the other. I can't tell a difference between the impact on symptoms. They both help. I have great respect for Dr. Mischley, but I make my own choices... I should ask her for her research sources on NAC -- I might re-think it then. ...And no, I don't have a tremor.

Dr. Mischley is still recruiting for her Modifiable Variables in Parkinsonism (MVP) Study. It amounts to reporting about meds, symptoms, supplements, lifestyle, diet etc. online every six months. You can learn more here: -- I've participated for six years. It's a way to move research forward!

The research shows that the intranasal route does indeed increase brain levels of glutathione. Unfortunately, research showed that it didn't improve symptoms more than a placebo saline spray. So, it's probably an expensive waste.

I don't know anything glutathione. What is it? And what does it do for pwp?

I make my own glutathione nasal spray. I order glutathione powder in the UK from I dissolve it in distilled water and use a cheap nasal pump that I bought off of Amazon. I keep it in the refrigerator and make a new bottle every week or so.

I take it before I go to bed. For the first two or three weeks that I took it, I noticed a DRAMATIC improvement in my sleep. Suddenly I was sleeping eight hours straight through. It was amazing. (My sleep stack also includes cannabis oil and melatonin.)

I continue to take glutathione, but sadly the sleep benefit has not lasted. It's hard to know whether the underlying Parkinson's has gotten worse, or something else has happened.

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Despe in reply to ElliotGreen

Have you tried Magnesium Glycinate in combination with Melatonin? It has been very effective for my husband who used to get 5-6 times at night to go to the bathroom. He now sleeps through the night, getting up about 6:00 a.m. for his first bathroom trip. :)

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What dosage of Mag and Melatonin does he take?

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Magnesium Glycinate by Klaire Labs 2 caps (300mg). Melatonin 3mg fast dissolving.

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Thanks. It's worth a try.

I take magnesium citrate. Is there a benefit to taking magnesium glycinate instead?

When does he take the magnesium?

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Mag Glycinate is for sleep. There are different types of Magnesium: Threonate (brain health) , Taurate (Cardiovascular Support) , Glycinate (Mood and Sleep Support) , Malate (Energy Support), Orotate (Athletic Performance and Recovery), Aspartate (Muscle Function and Neurotransmitter Support), Oxide (Regularity), and Citrate (General Well-Being).

There are Magnesium supplements that combine different types of Magnesium.

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Wow. Thank you.

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You are welcome. My husband takes Magnesium Threonate during the day (3 caps) and Glycinate (2 caps) an hour before bed. The addition of Melatonin worked wonders for a good night's sleep. He has had nocturia, but since he started this combination, he sleeps through the night without the frequent bathroom trips.