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Hang in there, brother, we need you here.

Well, thank goodness! Keep it up!! You are not allowed to leave without us.

I’m sure I speak for volumes of PWP when I say, We Love You Marc!With solidarity, compassion, and respect, you are in my heart and on my mind Marc.


❤️. Karen


Yay! We do need you here with us!

The very best news we could hope for! So pleased to hear that 🤗

Hang in there

Oh! It was Marc’s livre. 😲

Oh so happy to hear!!! ☀️

💕🙏 Knew it!


You made our day! 🙏😄

I'm so glad!! That is very good news indeed.

Oh man, you scared me Marc, but I'll take, "Marc lives" any day compared to the alternative!!! Welcome back to the living and I hope you are feeling much better very soon! As you can clearly see, the forum needs you!


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rescuema in reply to chartist

"Welcome back to the living" 😂

❤️ Rona

Glad to hear from you


😅 tell us all about it when you’re back on the keyboard

You big girls blouse.

That is the best news to wake up to Marc!

I’m so happy and relieved!! Such great news!! Marc you will never question how much you are loved and needed here!❤️💗❤️💗


Ive been so depressed. Thank God

Thank goodness, we are so glad to hear that! 🙏❤️

Marc.Really glad to find you have found books. I'm afraid I'm pissed on sangria tonight and just can't find my way round your post to reply more sensibly. Tomorrow



🙏🏻 Thankful you are feeling better. 😭❤️

It is amazing that we can feel such loss and sadness - and it’s because you have been such a presence here on HU and you have helped so many.

Stay safe and keep well.

Oh so pleased 👍👍👍

No surprise for me.

I wept all night Marc. I’m so glad to read the following two. Looking forward to the next.


Whew! You’re a special human being and selfishly, I want you here! ❤️

Can you (I assume that his family members are using his account) explain to us what actually happened to Marc. This appears to have happened all of a sudden

You will not leave!!!


Good news! You have contributed so much and hopefully will continue. 💜

Glad to hear you are getting better. 👍🏻