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End is near

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Don’t reply with sympathy.

I have a few days

The bad back, not being able to get out of bed for 3 days, hallucinations, going to a hospital, did me in.

When I can’t get up is when it ends.


PS. I think it is rude when people disappear without telling the others where they are - is the reason for this note.

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What happened when you went to the hospital?

If you’re able to reply I second MissRita’s question and sincerely hope this is a false alarm for you.

not a joke, I wouldn't do that

I know that! I’m just hoping it’s something you can overcome and the direness is temporary.

For perspective, my 85 y/o mom was hospitalized twice recently, the second time they had to intubate her and couldn’t give her her meds for more than 48 hours. When they took her off the ventilator she was completely altered, she briefly had what looked like extreme dementia. We didn’t know what would happen, but she has surprised us all and is doing really well. She came back completely, mentally, and is doing quite well physically.

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ConnieD in reply to MBAnderson

Marc you are a strong fighter and inspiration for all! I too thought you had been quiet lately. I always feel sad when HU members seem to “disappear” so I appreciate your reaching out to us. Maybe it’s something a member has been through and could help you! Please hang in there! 🙏

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sudoku123 in reply to MBAnderson

Marc, We are so lucky to have a team member like you. You mean so much to all of us.

Thinking of you and praying for you.

You are amazing. You live life on your own terms. I admire that greatly. No sympathy from me but what a heart you bring to this group. It is a community because of you and your decency and directness. You give so much to us by your example: you have helped lead thousands of fellow PD people down the path less traveled. I hope you will regain strength and be with us forever. Thanks for sharing so many details of your experience with me and I hope you decide to communicate with us from the other side.

May God bless and comfort you and your family in this difficult time.

And thank you for all of your contributions to this forum. You are an excellent model for all who follow.

And lastly thank you for the opportunity to "see you off"... a very thoughtful gesture, which represents well the kind of person you are...

Hi Marc, Hopefully you will be out of hospital soon and hear from you in good health again.

We love you and we will sorely miss you! Wishing you all the best, my very very dear friend !

What I want to say is that I wish you would find it in yourself to fight through this and maybe it will improve. You've already fought so hard and came so far, it's not easy to see you giving up. At the same time, I don't want to see you suffer in misery. Any thoughts on trying some pain meds or a mood enhancing drug? Maybe a big fat doobie and some space brownies? We love you , man! I mean that!

I sincerely and deeply hope its not x

Bother Marc- sounds like the wheels came off the truck. I thought you'd been quiet. Pour a large Gin & Tonic - and throw back a couple of nurofen with it. Give your dog a cuddle, and come back and provide a few footnotes. Your not hallucinating now (but you are repeating yourself)- so that's progress - and anyway its normal if you are frail from illness. Dad had several spells but recovered

Why did you go to hospital? Where are you now? When did Minnesota** legalise euthanasia, or are you flying to Switzerland with a bad back?

Don't quit just yet mate


** edit - wrong state before


MB, I’m really sorry you are feeling warn down, but I hope it’s just a moment and you will take a turn for better. I want to thank you for being good to me and to all of us. When I first started posting here , you and Park Bear were the first to welcome me. Take care. Karen

You are a brave and tenacious man. I have learned from your example and have appreciated your sense of humor. I respect you so much.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I hope you are surrounded by the unwavering love and respect you deserve.

And I understand.


Hi Marc. We haven't met except through email. Thank you for your kindness in allowing us this chance to say goodbye. I echo others in hoping that this is a temporary setback and there will be a turn for the better.

I pray for your peaceful passage when the time is right. May your friends and family find comfort.

I know that it is hard for you at the moment Marc, but give it time and strength will return God willing. Don’t give up.. I too have benefitted enormously from your courageous example. Thank you.

Know that you are much loved Marc ♥️

Hi, Marc.

I am shocked and greatly saddened by this post. I don't live very far from you, so if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. Although we have only met in person a few times, I feel like I have known you forever. You are a role model for me, not just as a PwP, but as one of the finest people I have ever known.

I respect you immensely, as does everyone on this site. You have always conducted yourself with class, grace, and good humor.

I second Jim's feelings, Marc. If you are able to write this unexpected post, I am pretty sure you will be out of the hospital at no time and back to your own self.

You are a fighter and you know how to win. Why are you giving up???

Your post feels like a cliffhanger, not a proper goodbye, or perhaps I'm refusing to accept your goodbye. I have too many questions but also noticed that you've been quiet lately.I sincerely hope that this isn't the end and hopefully you'll recover soon and join us back as the heart of this forum. Be well Marc!


You are a Good Man, Marc. Hoping for healing, but in any event, Gratitude, Blessings, and Peace.

Nothing to say other than I have seen many people pass away in the hospital and can always tell a few days before. It's very strange: the light in their eye just disappears, and it almost feels like their soul has already left their body, days before the body goes.

I know this look well and though I do not believe in a god - i believe in the magic of energy and the universe.

I hope that twinkle has truly not left your eye because the dissemination of wisdom in your posts has not only affected the vocal members of the community, but the silent ones who lurk and are desperate for answers - the ones who don't even know the right questions to ask, or where to start.

When/ if your soul turns to stardust may it spread and transfer to someone / something that needs it most.

If you are not in the hospital yet, and are only considering it because of pain - please do not go. Pain can be controlled elsewhere and if you have the funds to do so - please ask family to hire someone to help you be comfortable.


How about an optimistic remark rather than a pessimistic one? Who hasn't experienced serious back problems? That doesn't mean it's the end!!!

Marc, I find this almost impossible to accept but I know that it is your journey and your decisions and only you know how you feel. I just want you to know you have been a light in the darkness for many of us. The zoom meetings have been so important to me to see all those faces, people that are kind and struggling just like me.

I will still be hoping for better news but if you have to go...thank you!!

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crimsonclover in reply to Enidah

This! You put into words what I could not.

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vwolff in reply to Enidah

Marc is like a brother to me. I am so sad. It is "impossible to accept ".

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I know. I don't accept it. If it happens I'll have to but right now I don't.

Hi Marco, you are a friend and I really appreciate you. I'm very sorry to hear you like this.

Life is a game and the "form" perishes.

We will soon be together to team up in this game of life because you are your immortal soul and whatever happens to you, then you will recover.

And That is that!


Greetings from Italy.


I wasn’t sure how to respond to your post. You must be in a dark place at the moment and I hope you’re able to read all these wonderful messages of support from your friends on this forum. You have given everyone here support, wisdom and unconditional help and I m hoping we can do the same for you. You’ve asked for no sympathy so I’m sending you our thoughts, blessings and ❤️ and hope you continue to fight.

1. My screaming pain was treated by orthopedic pain manager. Five years pain free after epidural steroid injection.

2. Will your obituary say cause of death Parkinson’s?

3. When you’re born you are in hell. After death you are in Paradise.

Sending love. If it's time to go, I wish you peace and a smooth transition.

I also hope to hear later that this was a temporary setback.

Might the hallucinations be from a med that you're taking, that could be adjusted or changed?

Might there be additional options for the back pain?

If you're not up to investigating this, could someone do it for you? If you're able, let us know more and perhaps we can help.

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Despe in reply to rebtar

No one knows when it's time to "go." Only God does.

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GioCas in reply to Despe

And Devil🤔

I am going to miss you dude.

I've been near the point of S******, in code because the FB thought police are always lurking. But how would you do it? I don't have guns and there's no bridges near, or even crazy-fast traffic,. So...?


Sue's just asked if this is due to the Sonimodul treatment. She knows I've been looking to it as an option down the line. Do you think it's an issue with the Fus at Sonimodul that's got you this way? Or did something else happen?

Just hit the painkillers and gin harder following my accountancy practice philosophy. Never dump a tiresome client, just double the fee until they go - or turnout to be not so bad


Your posts are usually fabulous! Providing reliable website links, great insight. I learned a lot from you and was able to pass on newfound knowledge to help my hubby.

Don't leave us yet (I'm being selfish).


You are a major part of this forum and I consider you a friend. You will be missed more than you know, but if there is a chance you can recover, I hope you try it! I am horrible with good byes because they hurt so much, but if there is any chance of you recovering, please try!!! I can't stop crying!


If you will please consider trying this option, it will be greatly appreciated! I know that back pain can be very debilitating and demoralizing, but if there is the slightest chance of recovery, I hope you will consider it. Your doctor can have a compounding pharmacy make you a topical Ketamine cream to be applied directly to your spine that may get you going again. It can be a combination blend of pain relievers all the way up to the strongest, but Ketamine is a good starting point that is very safe in the world of pain killers. Please try!!! It can allow you to function without all of the drag that oral painkillers can put on your mind and body.

Please ask your wife to read this, Marc!!!!!!!!!


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Art, any idea what is actually going wrong with Marc?

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I don't really know. I chatted him up 8 days ago to see how he was doing as I hadn't heard from him in awhile and he responded 6 days ago saying that he had gone to the hospital because a medication he took for back pain had landed him in the hospital with really bad hallucinations. He said the hallucinations were so real and I understand exactly what he means. He said he had just gotten home from the hospital and said it was a horrible experience. His replies were not 100% coherent and I had to ask him to explain some of the things he had said, but I attributed some of the lack of understanding on my part to his voice recognition software (VRS) that he uses which has given erroneous content in the past. He did write back and clarified what he meant to say, so again, I thought the main issue was the VRS. Minus that issue he sounded fine at the time and so I thought it would just be a matter of time until his doctor figured out a more compatible pain killer for him. He must have a high sensitivity to these pain medications. If that is actually the case, I hope his wife does ask his doctor to prescribe a compounded topical pain reliever for his spine and back as that should help him avoid some of the side effects while offering just as effective or possibly better pain relief than the oral meds as he can reach higher local tissue level concentrations of pain medication than he can with the oral medications without OD. In any case, I hope things work out for Marc and his wife soon, this has to be a really tough time for the both of them.

Three days is enough time for you to try a topical compounded pain reliever and see if it helps you, Marc!


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great advice - that is something i have been seeing more and more - topical pain relief through compounding pharmacy.

You know best your quality of life and when it’s time. It’s yours not others to judge. I hope there’s more, it just seems impossible there’s not with the beauty and infinite wonders and complexities of this world we know. Goodbye friend.

Are you still in the actual hospital? Because if you're are, your hallucinations and misery may be due to a phenomenon known as Sundowners Syndrome, If this is the case , it will resolve as soon as you get home. I saw my wife's grandfather go through it . It was awful.

Melatonin and melatonin receptor agonists (prescription) can help with sundowning also.


Thanks chartist Hidden MBAnderson , the sun will come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun....

I hope my little orphan Annie song brought a smile to your face!


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Yes! So true Bass! I have witnessed this too!Get home or at the least get outside. Get the bed shoved down the hall and out the door if need be. Natural light, sunshine, sounds hokey but it helps immensely!

Marc, I can’t believe I am reading this. You are so loved by all of us and such an important part of this group. As Enidah said, you have been a light in the darkness for me and many others. I am so grateful to you for the zoom meetings and consider all of you my friends. It may be selfish of me, but I hope you can find another way out of the pain you are in. Whatever you decide, please know how important you are to us and how much you would be missed. Carol

I’m in shock and praying that it’s not true 🙏 .


I hope this message finds you in a better place. Your example has given he hope. I’ve been in some really dark places and you along with others have helped me to get out. Hopefully knowing you have helped lots of us helps you to get out of the place your in.

Thank you!

Marc please know we are all thinking of you. Please hang in there. You are a much loved and respected friend.

I doubt this is going to be the end. Still is not clear what could cause your current state; is the PD itself, the FUS or something else? I had myself periods of time with very ugly bad back pain which just went away by itself. Still I do not know what was the cause. As regarding the hallucinations they probably are the side effects of something.

Stay strong Marc!

Thank you for sharing your vulnerability here. It shows the great support that can be found on this forum. Sending you blessings.

Marc, you have been such an inspiration to me! I have had severe back pain, resulting from a crushed vertebrae, at L3, in a horse riding accident, years ago! I understand the excruciating pain, and will pray for you, and the relief you need! Many of us don’t want to say good bye, to you, within this forum! You are treasured and deeply respected, for all you’ve done, to help, and encourage others! I pray for an easing of your pain, and thank you, from the depths of my heart, for being here, on this forum, for me, and many others, when there has been only darkness, and you were the shining light!!

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laglag in reply to ddmagee1

So true!

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ConnieD in reply to ddmagee1

Beautifully said dd!! I have felt so sad all day, I feel like if the group was in person you would be one of our leaders!! We need you Marc! Prayers that everything will turn around and you will update us with better news!🙏💕

Marc - you are probably the deepest thinker on this whole forum. It will be much less interesting without you. I just hope it’s the hallucinations and not your normal brain that’s talking. Taking Despe ’s comment on board, I hope this is like the first time Elton John announced a final tour. I think there’s been about four since then. Marc, don’t go.

Hello Marc, I hope you are still reading these replies.

Thank you for all of your great, knowledgeable and wise posts, and for the kind informative replies you have given to my posts.

I would encourage everybody to go read your profile story. I just read it and you are truly amazing and offer great advice:

"I believe the Mediterranean diet, minus wheat, dairy, gluten, and sugar is best."

"While there is not consensus on what is the best diet, there is consensus on what is worse. The worst thing a PWP can do is consume refined sugar, simple carbohydrates, corn syrup, and vegetable oil."

"We fast 16 - 20 hours most days. Intermittent fasting can induce ketosis and stimulate autophagy which clears neurons of debris and dead alpha-synuclien protein."

" I don’t consume alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, corn syrup, vegetable oil, wheat, dairy, bread, gluten, processed, junk, fast or fried food or anything that comes in a can or box. The more ingredients listed on the package, the worse it is."

"Exercise = I walk 3 - 4 mi/day and do 1 hour of calisthenics, 3 times a week, following videos by a PD physical therapist"

It scares me some because I know in my heart I am not near the man you are, and you have clearly been doing everything right for so long, yet here you are. But maybe it's not the PD. If it is the back, well sometimes the back recovers.

I am praying for you Marc. Praying for your recovery and praying for your peace. Praying for a dramatic turn for the better and you post that this was a false alarm and you are back for at least a while. That would be great. May God Bless You Marc.

Like many others here on the forum, I so appreciate you and all your efforts and posts which are always generously full of helpful suggestions and wisdom. I surely hope you’re in just a temporary Bad place and that you will be OK again soon!

Looks like we still need you here. It is difficult to think straight when in pain. The hospital should be able to get your pain under control and hopefully you can re gain a decent quality of life.If that can’t happen I’d like to thank you for being such a help on this forum and wish you peace in whatever form that takes.

Hi Marc

Sorry, but I’m finding this hard to accept.

The hallucinations could be from something as simple as a calcium deficiency. Or from any number of drugs/vitamins going into your body. Is it possible to stop all of these for a day or two, bearing in mind the extreme pain you would have to endure with your back? Maybe some CBD to help you through?

There is an answer out there, the hard part is finding it.

Sending love and healing

Jenny and Tony 💜🌸

Marc, you are loved by so many. Be strong my friend.

Hang in there Marc

man on stretcher

this is the most amazing meme. 😂😂😂😂

I hoped Marc would appreciate it. Boy doesn't want sympathy, might as well try for a laugh


You sure made me laugh. If you see it popping up on FB you will know it is me.

Hello Marc, I hope you are still reading all these messages of love and hope from people who know you and understand what you are going through. You have been a source of strength and inspiration to me and to I'm sure to many others. Keep fighting Marc, don't give up, we need you. This is a low point, but we all have low points when PD kicks the will out of you. But we all know that these low points are followed by better times. Come on, my friend, fight back. We need you.

May God make the next steps easier and comfortable for you. I think this is due to FUS

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ion_ion in reply to Farooqji

If it would be FUS it would be good to have a confirmation. I taught myself about it but who knows!? It could be something else which may not be related to PD. When Marc will be back we will know.

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Farooqji in reply to ion_ion

Let's hope for the speedy recovery of Marc and he is able to tell the actual cause himself

"PS. I think it is rude when people disappear without telling the others where they are - is the reason for this note" You are a man of dignity

Hello Marc, Hope this finds you better. Thank you for being so considerate. Thank you for caring for us.

The reality is no one really knows when we maybe referred to in the past tense. COVID has made life an anxiety journey in addition to numerous health challenges.

What is most important is that you know Marc, that you are always greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved by your Heavenly Father. And because of Jesus finished work at the cross you are the righteousness of God through Him. You may not feel like it but you are a sweet fragrance to God because each time God looks at you He sees Jesus who is your perfect sin offering. Call out to Him and Rest in Jesus’ embrace and may his sweet healing surround you for by His stripes you have been healed.

Claim it, believe it and receive it.

Psalm 23:4-5 KJV

[4] Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

It is but a shadow Marc.

. [5] Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Take Holy Conmunion and see Jesus carrying all your pain and afflictions.

Hang onto Jesus. He will see you through.


Dearest Marc, pain is a very lonely darkk place i hv been there myself this year. I feel for you. Hopefully you can get thru this like so many others but i understand when enough is enough. People who love you most will understand and let you hv peace


You hv been a tower of sttenhth to so many here me included. Your wisdom and compassion are truely appreciated and your bravery annd honesty in tellng of ur fus treatment are allso felt.

May ur pain pass n subside and leave you in calm and peace. X

Marc, I have so appreciated getting to know you and the other "zoomies". I hope this is just a brief set back. Wishing you strength for the journey .You are in my thoughts and prayers, Maureen

Dear Marc my Southern hemisphere day is drawing to a close. I have been checking all day in the hope that you are back. Please don't go your work is not done. You are so loved by us all. Thinking of you and I hope to wake to good news tomorrow my dear friend.

Dear Marco,every possible good has been written about you, so I can only share and add myself to the list. If the main problem currently is just your back, you can overcome it with a little patience and focused exercise. You know better than me that for us pwp the back is one of Parkinson's favorite targets. I also suffer from it and soon I will have to operate. I have always read you with attention and consideration and....I would like to continue to do so. See you soon Marco.

Hold on Mr. Anderson I’ll pray for you, stay strong 🙏

Marc....I hope you are feeling a little better right now. One thing we have all learned is sometimes you think you are at the bottom of the barrel and then the skies open up and healing begins. I respect any decisions about your own health and life, but I am like the others and am praying God gives you relief. I can't imagine getting through this PD life without you. You have shown us courage, strength and intelligence....all things we need every day to get through this tough life. We ARE warriors. You've got this. I believe the saying is....when you find yourself in hell, KEEP WALKING. I do hope you find the inner strength to keep walking. If not, I wish you peace from all pain and suffering. I would like to express my gratitude for your time, efforts, intellect and humor the last few years. You show us how to do PD. Big, big hugs!!!!

Dear Marc, I have not been contributing regularly to HU, but reading today your post made me reach these dimensions that we visit only on moments like yours, you described in your last post, or when we say final goodbye to our most loved ones.

I did that when my beloved took his last breath last year, who suffered PD, I assisted him in these last years of struggle and last moments of closing this journey called life.

So, I know what you are talking about, even though when my time comes it would be not the same, nobody can say that until it comes.

My husband read HU posts and I am still doing that, after he is not anymore here in this incarnation, but I remember your contributions to all of us. Thank you for that, you have been such a generous, solid member of this community.

It is and it was such a graceful gesture to all of us to share what you are going through.

You ultimately and only you know where you are now and if that moment is coming to you I wish you can embrace it without struggle. It is not easy to enter into unknown and without having option to return. I am sorry to say that, but I bet you and some of us are trying to figure out "what's on this other side"?

I wish you strength and that this strength is effortless when this moment comes.

And even we never met I tell you "See you on the Other Side".

With Love and Light.


Marc, thank you for your contribution to the greater good. We never know the full measure of the impact of our presence, your has been significant. Godspeed,


Hi Marc. I am reading this as i am waking up and it makes me so sad as i consider you the main person on this site. I will be praying for the optimal outcome for you. I did not know you had a problem back. I am thinking and praying for you! With Love and prayers.Mike

Marc, I so hope this isn’t truly the end for you. You have been such an example and such a friend to all of us on the forum. You give each and everyone of us hope and attention, and you share your knowledge and intellect so kindly and freely. Stay with us if you can. We’re not ready to lose you. Yes maybe it’s selfish but that’s how I feel. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I know being in the hospital and being in pain can just feel so terrible. I’m not much of a praying person, but I’m praying for you. We all love you. Please remember that.

Has anyone closer to Marc been able to get in touch with him? Hoping these thoughts are the result of just medication side effects. My father had his DBS adjusted recently and for two days he was perseverating on suicide. I had never in my life heard him speak or feel this way. Hoping his feelings are transient and he will "level out" when more medically and mentally stable.

Hi Marc, we truly appreciate your sharing of knowledge, expertise and inspirations! You are a valuable member of this forum, and you have been a great support in our journey to fight the disease. My prayers are with you! Hopefully this is just a temporary down, and you will come back! Sending blessings.

Hi Marc,

I too was saddened to see this post of yours. You are one of the people I follow here, for so many reasons. Seeing all the postings here by fellow HU’s, it’s obvious you’ve touched so many other people as well. I really hope you get better and pain free. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.

Love and respect.

Do you have anyone in your life at all that can help you? Have you talked/seen your Neurologist to adjust your meds and/or are you on any supplements/natural medicine/massage? Maybe change Neurologist? My Dad is near the end- 87 with pd- can't walk, talk, write, eats only puree, drifts in/out consciousness.. been in a hospital bed for 2 months...

I'm not denying you are in bad shape .. I do believe there is hope though and you can improve your situation, little by little, with the right interventions.. If possible -when u are able to, start slowly with some form of movement/exercise.. whatever you can do ... God Bless

Does anyone know how long dear Marc has been dealing with Parkinson’s? He is understandably so worn out. The duration can really take a toll on ones will to fight it. It is very understandable. The good intentions of pleading with him to endure more might be unkind under the circumstances. Strength manifests in different ways and setting boundaries, limits to what one will endure requires a very strong mind and spirit.

When my Dad started having hallucinations it was a dark point that he never fully recovered from. It was not the hallucinations so much as the knowledge of the disease progression and subsequent depression that the hallucinations brought on. But, he is now on a med typically prescribed for ALZ that has almost eliminated his hallucinations. It is my hope that at the very least this can be sought out for Mark.

Mark, I’m just a stranger from the internet who has YOPD. My father is 83 with PD.

I understand.

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rescuema in reply to

From Mark's profile - "I'm 75, married and live in St. Paul, Minnesota. My tremor appeared in 2009, was misdiagnosed as essential tremor in 2010, and correctly diagnosed in July, 2011, so it’s been 12 years."


in reply to rescuema

Wow, only 12 years. Well, let that be a lesson to savor now because 12 years is not very long.

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chartist in reply to


It seems like this issue appears to be more related to his back and possibly not so much PD. On the other hand though, many people with PD report back issues. Looking at Marc's posts from just 2 to 6 months ago he is doing fairly well!


Mark , let all this love do something amazing!

Marc, I am completely lost for words and you know very well that doesn't happen very often. I hope we will see you as usual on Sunday.

For anyone still tracking this post, Marc is doing better today. 😅


You have done so much for me; I must thank you. Creating the Zoom group has really brought comfort in my life. I have what I now consider a friend group but also people who understand this strange disease. A disease that seems to really require all of us to be strong through the crazy symptoms and pain. I hope somehow you find relief but I want to see you again and I want you to be on the Zoom calls. Best, Christie

Je ne vous connais pas comme tous vos amis qui ont postés des messages d’amitiés car je suis nouvelle, mais sachez que votre message m’a bouleversé.... Vous devez être quelqu’un de bien et tellement aimé... j’ai une pensée amicale pour vous

You have made a positive difference in my life.

Thank you. I wish you peace.

I hope this post finds you, and you aren’t too passived from drugs.Hallucinations eh? Nothing happens without Boron. It starts working in 1 minute. All B vitamins work with Boron, it’s one of the essential Pillars of salts, a rock salt. B5 solidifies thought. Thiamine without Chlorination energises. Epsom salts once a week clears the toxins that cause the pain/confusion. Algae captures toxins in the gut and around the body. Ascorbated minerals not only works inside the cell but also keeps toxins moving in circulation, gives permanent relief from the toxins(you’ll feel better all the time). Ascorbate is an electrical insulator biologically.

90% of drugs interfere with the Thiamine metabolism, cut down on them?

No grains, No veg oil(olive, coconut are ok if you get zinc etc).

I find DENIAL is a massive part of not getting better, in people it’s part of the survival psychology, as a drug addict struggles or gives in to trying to calm down, and find rationality. You be responsible for you, in a sensible manner. Write down a list of health actions and carry that about with you, share this to your carers so they can help.

All of the above will work, but slowly. This is because the biome(intestinal flora) cycles it’s production of growth factors, for you.

All of the above will work faster, very fast in fact, with ergothioneine. Taking vitamin D will deplete ergothioneine. It’s a Mitochondria antioxidant that allows DNA repair and the mitosis of the Mitochondria for life healing changes throughout any mammalian body. It’s in Mushrooms lots.

It’s true, I’m not in denial. There’s plenty of white papers on it. The Dead Sea Scrolls were written about Mushrooms, says something.

Reuteri makes it (Ergothioneine) and will save your life. The trick is to make sure there is SO4 available, it’s the Sulphate in Epsom salt, so the friendly bacteria have food to.

Readover, start preparing, share, trust, find, see, do some more, repeat. It’s real easy.

mercuryfreekids .org has help pages, I mean help pages designed and written for the hallucinating, scared, and confused people, I’ve been there a few times lol. I’m not that keen on The bedside manner, you have to help yourself now, a pinch of Boron clarifies, it’ll cheer u up. M

Mercuryfreekids .org is one of a few web sites I trust, another is Dr L Wilson. In 35 years of non corporate education there are few Authors I can recommend without remorse!!! M

Hi Marc it is a huge shock to hear this. I hope that you don't do anything that has the potential for regret.

Be safe. be strong and resilient always. I will pray for and to the soul within you.


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