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All the stretching in the world....

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...doesn't do anything . Do you agree or do you find it beneficial?

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I disagree, Bass. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong. All stretching is good. Train 3 hours per day. Guarantee you’ll feel better.😁- JG

Been doing it for month as instructed by physical therapist. I feel no benefits. Maybe it's just me. Yoga is out. Tried many many times. Counterproductive.

Yes, I do although I don’t have Pd. I can literally feel the fluid being released from the top of my neck / underside of the back of my head. And that seems to relieve the feeling of pressure in inner ear and tightness in my throat. Also stretching my hips and even feet and shoulder joints seems to pop what feels like little strands that constrict my chest and it makes me able to breathe much more easily.

I find it to be extremely beneficial but I have to stretch rather obsessively by most peoples standards. I often stretch 3+ times a day. My minimum is two times a day.

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CC, do you ever use a grip strengthener, finger gripper trainer, finger resistance gripper, gripper ring, bend bar or forearm trainer?

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No but I should! Good idea! My right hand is very weak.

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they will help a lot, I got turned onto them in PD PT, use them most every day any time I feel the need.

That is an easy one -- of course it is beneficial. It helps to prevent injury, maintains range of motion, one of those 'use it or lose it' type things. Anyone that has ever had a frozen shoulder knows this all too well.

Hey bass good to hear from you.

It is certainly the case that pre PD I'd do 2 yoga classes in the week and feel 'cool I am soo stretchy now'.

That no longer works. Only daily will do, as the PD affected muscles are working in the other direction trying to undo the good work.

The one thing I'd say is that I remembered a pilates instructor ages ago saying real stretching is to hold each stretch for at least a minute (or repeat up to that time, say 3 x 20 secs). Stretching definitely feels more productive when I chill and give each one more time.

Passive stretching (wearing weights) works for me.

Consider online “Rogue physical therapy and wellness. Claire focuses her practice on PD. She believes in different stretching exercises that are tailored to our condition.

Only aerobic exercises work well against PD to delay or atop progression. Stretching may give you some short temporary pleasure and benefit... but that is all.

I bought one of those deep tissue massage gun things, that alone released a huge amount of stored tension within my body, so much to the point that it reduced my stiffness to situational eg, trying to get off the lounge, and things of that nature. I don't just sit there all stiff like and just tremor away any more .

That said, I have very differing views on what PD actually is compared to the rest of the forum, but I have success. I'm what I'm trying so I'm Happy, but yes to stretching but to do a bit better I'd recommend a massage gun

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Thanks my good friend! Can you please elaborate on your differing views on what pd actually is?

I have PD and I am a yoga instructor. I do Ashtanga Yoga for amplitude and intensity and balance (arm balances and standing balances), a bit of a workout, and Yin yoga for deep stretching, holding poses for up to 5’. It helps keep me fluid in motion and the constant bilateral work helps my affected side learn from my good side. The benefits are pretty obvious to me, but then I know how to tailor the practice, you might be doing the wrong style for your needs? 😀

I truly wish I could have success with yoga. I tried and I tried! I took the easiest beginner classes and failed miserably. I tried at home with videos. My fused spine, excessive weight and size and general weakness has been prohibitive to yoga happiness. There are only a few poses that I am able to accomplish. I guess i am not very flexible!

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Do u do regular exercise? This is one of the best defence against PD...

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Yes as much as possible

If you are overweight then giving up sugar and gluten and other refined carbs may be very helpful. You may lose weight fast with these restrictions which may make you feel worse than better for a while as toxins in your fat cells are dumped into your system, but eventually you will feel better for it. Then you may be able to stretch more efficiently too. With stretching look up trigger points and as you stretch press on the triggger point and take deep breath in and you make feel the constrictions start to break away. I did this for ages before I started getting anywhere. Now my lungs are becoming freer each day and I am much more supple.

Thanks, I haven't eaten wheat or grains since Sunday and I do feel slightly better

Yes yoga is brill. I hv learnt to release tension in my body it also about relaxing ur mind n breathing with awreness. I stretch before getting out of bed too. If You hv a dog you'll notice he stretches before gettinng up

Stretching is important, to help prevent injury, before one does moderate to heavy exercise, especially, like lifting weights! So, I use the TB method, of using stretch straps, to help with stretching, and basic range of motion, muscle exercises. It works well, and helps so that I don’t cramp up. Exercise physiology books/reading explain the science behind stretching. I exercise specifically, for PD, with exercise diagrams, supplied by my local PD organization.

I use a leg stretch machine do standing meditation

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I teach a yoga/stretch class. I have had Parkinson’s for 12+ years. I also walk a mile each day. I definitely believe it helps! I do it religiously 7 days a week. I will send you a zoom link if you would like to try.

I'm going to repeat what I replied to PDWarriorJ.I truly wish I could have success with yoga. I tried and I tried! I took the easiest beginner classes and failed miserably. I tried at home with videos. My fused spine, excessive weight and size and general weakness has been prohibitive to yoga happiness. There are only a few poses that I am able to accomplish. I guess i am not very flexible!

I try to walk as much as possible. On a good day I can do 3 miles. I stretch as best as I can before hand. Lately I've been getting pain in the right SI Joint area when I step forward with that leg, limiting my stride. This has been cutting my walks down to about one mile every day or every other day. Doctors all say the pain is PD related. Physical therapy has not helped.

Thanks for the offer to zoom in to the class, but I think I will pass.

I just now stumbled across something that may be of interest to you:

The Parkinson Society of British Columbia has a number of exercise series for PwP on their youtube channel:

The "Stretch & Strengthen" class is taught by a neuro physiotherapist; it's slower-paced, includes seated exercises, AND encourages participants to work to their own ability. This is the start of the 2021 class, but there is also a playlist from last year too:

If the Stretch & Strengthen series does not appeal to you, there are lots of others to choose from:

Btw, it isn't just you with yoga. I have trouble with it too. I hope you will find something of interest at this youtube channel.

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Astra7 in reply to bassofspades

Swimming might be good if u can access a pool.

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Yes! When it's too difficult to walk, I either bike or swim. I have a pool in my community and I'm only 5 miles away from a beautiful Florida beach!

Disagree! with no stretching of time, they will seize up! Working out/lifting weights is not enough- we must stretch... I also take supplements like Curcumin for inflammation, as well as the C/L pills..

Hi Bass, my view is that there is an over-emphasis on stretching whereas the focus should be on mobility. They are related of course but I think if you concentrate on the mobility end of things you will have more success. After-all that's what P really is, lack of mobility either internal or external.

I do Chi Kung stretches every morning, 10-15 minutes only, and I'm sure they help keep me supple and relatively free of pain. I was doing these for about 10 years before I was diagnosed 6 years ago so it seemed obvious to me to carry on. I also stretch before getting up in the morning and whenever I get up from a chair, as well as walking 3 days a week for 30 minutes a time and lifting hand weights twice a week. Good luck.

Thank you all for your feedback. It leads me to believe that I must be a unique case. I stretch every day and correctly, as instructed by a physical therapist. For all of my efforts, though, i still never limbre up. My range of motion in my legs is poor. I am starting to display the typical PD shuffling gait due to pain when trying to take a longer stride. Its all in the hamstrings up to the lower lumbar / SI Joint area. I also tried turmeric curcumin, motrin, magnesium tables and topical Mg oil spray to no avail. My walking has gone from 1/4 mile before physical therapy, due to tendonitis in my foot, to 3 miles max since the tendonitis resolved. However the SI Joint area pain with forward steps is forcing me to walk less often and less distance. From 3 miles every day or every other day to only one mile and that is with great difficulty. I have to stop and stretch every 50 feet or so. By the end of my walk it's a little looser but by then I feel quite fatigued and have to quit. Thanks my dear friends !

Oh. I just responded below. So maybe we have a similar but different problem. In my reading of my upper hamstring tendonitis, I learned that stretching (while necessary) is only to be carried out after the pain stops and the hamstrings and core are strengthened a bit. All the best


I know it hasn't been helpful in the past for you, but if you still have it, you might try applying the mag oil to your hamstrings 20 minutes before walking to see if it will loosen them up enough to make walking a little easier for you.


Thanks Art, no harm in trying it again. I still have a lot of it.

Keep us updated, bass! This has helped me to keep my calves loose, especially my right side which tightens up the faster I walk and was limiting the speed or distance I could go. Application of MO allowed me to set a new elapsed time for my two mile daily walk. Previously, if I tried to push my walking speed upward, my calf would start to cramp and if I kept pushing it, my calf would get strained and I couldn't walk for weeks to allow it to heal.


Yep! That sounds familiar! I'll keep you posted


Since it is a muscle group, you might consider also applying to your gluts.


Do you have a product that you recommend? I'm thinking to encourage my husband to try this. Thank you.

I just usually recommend by price because now I make my own from the MO flakes which is less expensive and I make it weaker than most commercial products. I've used several brands in the past and did not notice a difference between them. This one is plenty for all of the testing you and or your husband want to do and is inexpensive at just $11 for 8 oz.

If it is helpful for either of you and you want to get more less expensively, here is a link to a post I wrote about it that explains how to make your own from MO flakes less expensively than the commercial products.


Thank you so much!

This could help with stiff hands?!! I'm so excited reading your linked HU article. Knitting has become unpleasant (like handwriting) because my hands get stiff. Maybe this would help?!


Mag oil (MO) is probably the fastest remedy for muscle cramps (one minute or so) and can help with milder arthritis joint pain and stiffness such as in the hands.


I cannot express how much this means to me. Thank you!!!!!

Well, you have to find out if it works for you first! Please let the forum know what if any results you get from it. It can be helpful when dystonia is still at the mild stage for some people also.


Yes, I will!

Hey Art my very good friend! Good news, I tried the ol' Mg oil again today. Sprayed about 30 pumps all up and down my leg, from spine to calf. Then stretched lightly for 20 minutes and went on my walk. The pain was very much milder in my SI Joint area! I walked almost 2 miles and had quite a bit of fatigue but lots less pain. Thanks brother! I'll continue to use it and see how it goes. I also haven't eaten any wheat or grains in a week, which I expect to do some good as well.


That is good news! I'm glad your MO didn't go to waste!

On a related note, try icing your lower back and SI area the night before you go walking. After 3 days of icing you may see a bit more improvement. Icing is super antiinflammatory and with the muscle relaxing effects of MO, it is a good combination that I use when needed. I find it helpful.


I wonder if you have a similar problem as me. I have a terrible pain — which is upper hamstring tendonitis. It is always made worse and inflamed by stretching and yoga. I read that it is caused by hamstring weakness and sitting too much (which does cause the tightness of hamstrings). So now I am trying some hamstring exercises with bands. I hope it works. I have also been doing the simplest yoga pose — standing and activating the glutes. It will be terrible if walking continues to be painful

Thanks my good friend ! Good luck to you too!

How much time do you spend sitting? I try and do everything I can all day standing like now I am standing a high bench typing to you. Sitting is the enemy! And keep moving . I stand and spend all day moving as much as I can. Lean side to side. Neck side to side, stretch upper back in a doorway. Just keep moving and don’t sit down.

It is hard to start but every day gets easier and more natural.

Thanks LAJ, believe me, I try!

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