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gut brain connection and parkinsons

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Has anyone tried the stool test to ascertain if their gut microbine needs probiotics ect. I read about 18ths ago that someone had been to a naturopath and had this done and discovered that they had too much of one type of microime and not enough of another. They were getting treatment in NZ. Cant find the post now. Has anyone had success with trying to correct the gut with probiotics etc or are there any studies been done on Parkinson's and this issue. Any info would be appreciated.

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I'm interested as well

Hi there,Not from NZ but I consulted my naturopathic doctor after an initial consult with a neurologist who indicated I might have PD about a month ago. The naturopathic mentioned 3 tests to conduct: 1. Comprehensive gut flora + parasitology, 2. Heavy metal, 3. Toxins buildup. So far I had the comprehensive gut test. The results showed I have 2 types of parasites (Blastocystis and dientamoeba fragilis). Also, overgrown bad bacteria Klesiella oxytoca and yeast. I am lacking good bacteria (Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus). Currently, I am being treated to eliminate the parasites. Then, we will work at rebuilding the flora balance.

Hope this helps, I am not an expert so the terms might no be super appropriate.


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Thank you that is very helpful

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Which dr performs the tests

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The naturopathic doctor ordered the stool test.She gave the test kit and mailing instructions to a lab in the US called Doctors Data Inc.

Generally in many disease states including PD, the phylum Firmicutes is depressed in the gut microbiota and the phylum Bacteriodetes is over expressed creating a potential overabundance of pathogenic bacteria and reduced numbers of health promoting gut bacteria which based on the recent FMT/PwP studies result in increased motor and non-motor symptoms. Correcting this gut microbiota imbalance appears to significantly improve the disease state.

Rebalancing the gut microbiota using FMT applied via colonoscopy directly to the colon resulted in significant reductions in test scores and motor and non-motor symptoms that exceeded 50% in PwP and controlled constipation and SIBO which are both common in PwP.


Thank you for that,it would be very interesting to see any published data on this ?

Here is something I recently wrote on the subject :

And here is something I wrote a few years ago on the subject :


Thank you very much for your prompt reply,i am a recent member of this valuable PD site.The main reason is my brother has been diagnosed with PD and I am trying to learn as much as I can to help him.


Welcome to the forum!

I think you will find a lot of useful information for your brother here that will range from high dose thiamine/B1 to mannitol, to mucuna pruriens , to the studies I linked you to to specialized probiotics to cinnamon, to broccoli derivatives to many other helpful and useful ideas with PwP in mind!

Good luck to you and your brother on your journey and I think you will be very happy with what you find here!


Thank you,I will read it all.

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How do I get it done

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thank you so much what is the cost please

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I don't know the answer to your question.


Hi that was my husband I think? We went to the House of health , Sharon Erdrich in Auckland. She arranged all the tests. Faecal, organic acid, heavy metal hair analysis, genetic testing.

He had low bifido and lacto, and a lot of corynebacterium amycolatum and streptococcus which are aerobes.

With the bacteria she treated with berberine from Thorne, allimed garlic extract, alternating with a probiotic that wasn’t an over the counter one as it had higher doses.

We also did strict healthy diet changes, removing sugar and gluten, more vegetables, less dairy and meat.

We haven’t had him retested but his rosacea and acne, oily skin and PD odour has gone so I’m thinking that it has improved his bacteria balance.

If we did this again I would do the diet changes for many months before starting the herbals as he felt very fluey as they died back.

He also takes high strength pantothine from NOW and digestive enzymes to help fat digestion. I think these help but weren’t prescribed. Corynebacterium is associated with fats and is found on skin so I wonder if it is responsible for some of the PD odour. Apparently it is the cause of synthetic exercise gear smelling bad according to a program I saw on TV the other night.

Also important is dental health as these aerobes hang out in mouth.

This sounds like wonderful progress! The PD odour being gone sounds like rally good evidence. Any specific probiotic recommendation?

I'm already on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It has been shown to normalize the microbiome:

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