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Vaccine related PD remission


I experienced almost complete remission of PD for 3 days after my first Pfizer shot, and 5-6 days after my 2nd shot. I was virtually normal. Symptoms gradually returned.

Now, what was in the vaccine that caused this unexpected reaction ?

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Good luck 🍀!

KERRINGTON in reply to ParlePark

ya think :)

ParlePark in reply to KERRINGTON


Have symptoms returned?

Yes, they returned gradually.

I'm getting pfizer on Tues. Hoping for a miracle few weeks. Haha

Remember, mine only lasted a few days after each one. Good luck !

I think most ppl would take that.

maybe we all need a weekly vacine! How strange🤫

Did you feel less stressed briefly after taking it?

KERRINGTON in reply to LAJ12345

YES ! All anxiety, tenseness, jitteriness peaceful.

LAJ12345 in reply to KERRINGTON

Was it the vaccine that made you feel like that or was it that you had finally had the vaccine that made you feel relieved?

KERRINGTON in reply to LAJ12345

It was definitely the vaccine. I do.n't know if this is important, but aside from PD symptom remission, I did have reaction to the shot. Felt crappy, flu like symptoms. 2nd was worse than 1st

LAJ12345 in reply to KERRINGTON


Interesting. A few people on a Sjogren's forum that I follow have said the same (although others have had symptoms exacerbated). The view seemed to be that the immune system had been given another target so temporarily diversionary, as some also said they get with other illness, viruses etc. The long Covid sufferers have in some cases also had benefit I understand, possibly because the vaccine is producing stronger antibodies to help to clear the virus from residence in the gut (so perhaps mainly in those who only produced a weaker natural response). Just a thought.

KERRINGTON in reply to bookish

I thought of that...started making a virus killer list.

I experienced 2 days of similar symptom relief after the 2nd Pfizer shot- was great

MarionP in reply to healthabc

Again, specify!!!!! Specify specify specify!!! Detail detail detail!!!

If enough observe something, and articulate it in some detail, can't help but think it would be worth chasing down by some real research people...but enough has to be detailed and frequent enough to grab some attention and interest. Accumulate enough case reports, with details, and someone may just take note and start looking. Wouldn't be the first time serendipity changed a paradigm or created one, for the better.

Early in the disease for me whenever I would get a cold about 80% of my symptoms would go away when I was sick, it only happened the first two years I had PD. Similar redirection of immune system?

MarionP in reply to lenamm

Have more to offer? Can't help but feel that between you and the others, who knows, some needle in a haystack that turns out to be significant. Worth running down at least, wouldn't you think?

lenamm in reply to MarionP

I ran it by Dr. Laurie - never came up with anything significant. Believe me I tracked chemical pathways to try to figure it out. My whole disease has been weird though - starting with the intense sudden onset I had.

KERRINGTON in reply to lenamm

Really ? Wow, thank you !!

I am sure this is significant. I doubt this kind of info would ever make it to a researcher's ears.

MarionP in reply to KERRINGTON

Some people in this list do have some sort of contact with researchers. Enough case reports might indeed be worth taking to some of them. So many actual cases of serendipity...if I had time I could list a dozen.

I felt my PD improve for the first 24 hrs (after a z) and I was quite excited. Unfortunately I then felt pretty for 2 days with upset stomach, fatigue and mild fever and now I’m pretty much back to normal.

There is an odd relationship between PD and covid and I’ve read they are expecting a big surge in PD as a result.

MarionP in reply to Astra7

Astra, Can you specify more? re: "There is an odd relationship between PD and covid and I’ve read they are expecting a big surge in PD as a result." More details, details. !!

SFD7 in reply to MarionP

I just Googled ‘COVID and Parkinson’s risk’ and got a link to an article entitled “COVID-19 Linked to Increased Risk for Parkinson”:

The article reports that there have been at least three relatively young COVID-19 patients who developed Parkinson’s and that both these cases and a possible explanation for how COVID-19 could cause Parkinson's are discussed in an article published online Oct. 21 in Trends in Neurosciences.

It then provides a quote related to the surge comment you questioned:

"If this link is real, we might be in for an epidemic of Parkinson's disease in the future," the lead author of the article, Patrik Brundin, MD, told Medscape Medical News.

Whoa! Very interesting. Really? Specify please, just in case you might be on to something.

Hi, I rarely got sick, but two years ago I got zica, I felt so bad but my pd symptoms disappeared and gradually appeared asI got better, the same happened to me when I got my hysterectomy , I was worried the wound would open after the surgery with my dyskinesia, but I didn’t have pd symptoms for two weeks, I thought I was recovering, but again symptoms gradually came back

KERRINGTON in reply to Mergehn

This is so frustrating, also why symptom free for some, and not others ??

I fully agree. A friend of mine with pk related total symptoms when taking an antibiotic for an infection. Symptoms returned after finishing the antibiotic treatment. I thought about the intestinal flora. Her neuro didn’t listened...the antibiotic was bactrim

KERRINGTON in reply to fcerruti

Now that you mention this I've seen similar stories over the years.

I got Covid-19 last fall and experienced about three weeks of remission of my PD symptoms. They gradually returned.

Covid-19 expresses itself in different ways. One of the ways it expresses itself in some individuals is neurologically. I wonder if the temporary remission of PD symptoms that we experienced is because the Covid-19 virus expressed itself neurologically in my case. And the vaccine stimulated a neurological response in your case.

Farooqji in reply to danfitz

By "Remission" you mean completely PD free?

“The idea that a malfunctioning immune system contributes to Parkinson’s dates back almost 100 years,” Sulzer says. “But until now, no one has been able to connect the dots. Our findings show that two fragments of alpha-synuclein, a protein that accumulates in the brain cells of people with Parkinson’s, can activate the T cells involved in autoimmune attacks.

“It remains to be seen whether the immune response to alpha-synuclein is an initial cause of Parkinson’s or if it contributes to neuronal death and worsening symptoms after the onset of the disease,” Sette explains. “These findings, however, could provide a much-needed diagnostic test for Parkinson’s disease and could help us to identify individuals at risk or in the early stages of the disease.”

A new study co-led by scientists at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) adds increasing evidence that Parkinson's disease is partly an autoimmune disease. In fact, the researchers report that signs of autoimmunity can appear in Parkinson's disease patients year...

"One of the most important findings is that the flavor of the T cells changes during the course of the disease, starting with more aggressive cells, moving to less aggressive cells that may inhibit the immune response, and after about 10 years, disappearing altogether. It is almost as if immune responses in Parkinson's disease are like those that occur during seasonal flu, except that the changes take place over ten years instead of a week."

So those who experience temporary symptomatic relief (a subtype?) may be in result of the errant T cells being diverted to handle proper immune/infection response.

All I know, is that, with me, after the 2nd Pfizer jab, not only did I have side effects, got a week, but my PD symptoms, of pain, rigidity, stiffness, and peripheral neuropathy, became worse, for nearly three weeks! I had a very painful time, walking and doing daily tasks! I suppose, like with so many other aspects of PD, each person’s experience is different.

Day 3 after pfizer. No miracle change outside of the xray vision 😁

rescuema in reply to ddmagee1

This is definitely more prevalent vaccine reaction, especially with younger people with more robust immune systems buildings antibodies.

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