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Less than optimal site behavior lately


I am wondering if anyone else has noticed these changes in site behavior lately:

1. When I reply to a comment, my reply is shown as a new comment, and then when I refresh the reply shows up as a reply as it is supposed to

2. If I edit a comment, when I get done what shows up is the old comment, and then when I refresh the edited comment shows up

3. Does not accept attempts to "like" replies to comments

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#3 happened to me once.

@park_bear. Don't know. I almost always use my iPhone which has significant room for improvement. Compared to the mobile app, the site is a gem.

Honestly, I am not going to fault them until I can get a better understanding of their revenue model. After all, technology costs money and I am also concerned about the long term viability of this site which I am getting fond of 👏


park_bear in reply to pdpatient

It is not my intent to engage in gratuitous site bashing. That said, something has changed for the worse, they should be made aware of it, and it needs to be put right. There was also the possibility there was something specific to my setup and I needed to check on this possibility.

pdpatient in reply to park_bear

Hi @park_bear, I wasn't insinuating that you are and I apologize if it sounded like it did. I perhaps made a mistake in including my observations about the various "flavors" of the site, and trying to essentially state that the user experience is not uniform. Having said that. I was rationalizing the reasons for the site having all these glitches.

That being said, I suggest that you write to the support team who probably need to be alerted.


park_bear in reply to pdpatient

No offense taken, and Thanks for your clarification!

I agree with your recommendation to let the site admin know and I have done so.

#3 me, too. I use the website in Safari on an iPad and the thing that has been making me crazy for several weeks is the “back” arrow takes me to the top of the page every time where it used to be that the “back” button would take me back to the place I had scrolled to. I could go to the top of my feed by hitting the “home” button (now my feed button). This is extremely frustrating and makes me give up after a few minutes.

kevowpd in reply to Juliegrace

JG ive never seen anything good written about the iOS app. The experience seems to be better in the browser. Maybe try Chrome?

(That said, i am using Chrome and am experiencing all three issues that PB refers to in the last 24h)

Juliegrace in reply to kevowpd

I misspoke (miswrote). I don’t use the app. I use the website in safari.

Yes, I have noticed all three.


#3 has happened several times.

#1 & #3

#1 happened to me today.

"Does not accept attempts to "like" replies to comments"

I second the motion, PB! Things have changed. . . I have just tried to "Like" a comment and it wouldn't accept it. What is going on???

park_bear in reply to Despe

It would seem some adverse changes were made to the operation of the website. I have alerted Helen and she is getting the tech crew on it.

Despe in reply to park_bear

Thanks, PB. I have also contacted her in the past as my replies to comments were not accepted. She fixed the problem then. It appears it happens again, technical problems that is.

I agree not working write

Yes, I have noticed all three.I use both a iPhone 6S and Win 10 laptop

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