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Can anyone recommend exercise videos from a PD physio?


Someone who really knows what's needed by PWP's?

Thank you dear friends.

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Hi there you can check out Naomi Casiro on YouTube for Free and there is PD Warrior in Australia and Reach Your Peak in UK. The last two have a fee... check out their websites and see which you prefer. All are devised by physios with an interest in and knowledge of Parkinson's. Good luck

Google or go to Amazon and put in "Delay the disease by David Zid". See if that is what you are looking for.

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i bought that a while back and i thought it was fairly basic.

Try Sarah King (Invigorate physio therapy) or Neurofit BC.My wife is a retired Physiotherapist and a RSB boxing coach.

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Neurofit is excellent

Daily dose is great! First month is free to try

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Thankyou - quite inspiring those ladder exercises

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I like daily dose too. There is a wide variety on there to keep you busy.

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thanks. It's beginning to look like the one to go to.

Check out Neurofit BC on YouTube

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Done that , thanks

I also recommend Several of us in my support group use this program daily and has helped all of us.

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This was recommended by my neurologist as well.

Weekly zoom classes from Lin Leong who is a neuro physio.

Is he on youtube?

Hi I dont think she is on youtube but she sends weekly recording of each session. Parkinsons UK subsidise as it only costs £4.

Alexander Tressor on YouTube plus his DVDs. Also Patrick Losasso

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Yes I've used Alex but I wanted more explanations! Neurofit and Daily dose look good at that. Patrick looks good too - thankyou.

This appears to be a good program:

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Thanks - see comments above

LSVT Big program

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Great warm up! Thankyou

i like Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWP). Out of AZ. The creator of LSVT, Becky Farley, started this gym and power moves too.

In person or zoom.

1 on1 or group. yearly conference is desire.

I agree with gaga1958 PWP! has really made a difference to me. I did a lot of the free Youtube classes first . Claire McLean one of the trainers has her own gym in California called Rogue. Due to Covid she moved everything online. There is lots of free content to try out. I have a monthly subscription now and haven't even scratched the surface of what is on offer .

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Thank you TanteJ - I'llcheck it out now.

I'd be interested to hear how you find it. I was just doing mainstream group exercise classes/ gym etc nothing PD specific until March 2020 and lockdown. I seemed to deteriorate quite quickly physically and had to make the transition to PD specific exercises. I tried lots of different online classes but the Parkinson's Wellness Recovery Programme really works for me.

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I'll let you know. Thanks again