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Dr. Tom Foltynie of Cure Parkinson’s Addresses Bydureon (Exanatide) Phase III Trial.

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I know several posts have been made regarding the exanatide trials, but I just stumbled across this brief video on YouTube and thought it was interesting. This video was made in 2019 and contemplates starting the two year Phase III trial in October of 2019, but the video says it was "published on March 3, 2021." I'm not sure about significance of the March 3, 2021 publication date.


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When I inquired with them about Ambroxyl I was told delays due to Covid. I assume the same would be true if Exanatide.

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Do you know why this trial is only in the UK?

The initial research has all been in the UK at UCL and the funding is UK. They are restricting to a few sites to keep down costs, minimise waste of a drug they have in limited supply, and minimise subjective variability of UPDRS assessments. If the results are positive they should be applicable for drug authorisations in all markets

Great video, which I'd not seen before.

Just to confirm, the trial has now started and patients have begun dosing with exenatide or placebo (I've got my baseline measurement visit in a couple of weeks time, prior to randomization)

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Thanks for the update. Good luck!

buzbyc , last official update i saw was that 30 were recruited as of Oct 2020. Do you have any further information?

I got my first injection of the phase 2 US trial yesterday. 66% chance of getting the drug. The sponsor is hoping to have 240 participants by the end of 2021 from what I understand.

Which trial are you on?

Nueraly NLY01

Here is a better answer:

TITLE:​Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of 36 Weeks of Treatment with NLY01 in Early-stage Parkinson’s Disease


​IRB Protocol # 20192851

NCT# 04154072

SPONSOR:​Neuraly, Inc.

Very good. How does it differ than exenatide? Better bbb? What's its selling point?

I applied to go on this trial........thought i was the ideal candidate being diabetic and with PD......they declined me because i am diabetic ????Go figure?

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An you take exanatide for diabetes?

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No metformin

When you Google it there are several brand names of exanatide. I’d guess that several mfg are making mods to the diabetes drug to try to optimize it for PD. I’d be curious to here the facts from anyone that knows. I have a meeting with the clinical trial coordinator next week.

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