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CANCER- it is well known that PwP- People w Parkinson must be examined every year looking for cancer. Again I have been diagnosed.

“T cell lymphoma ,

All that rash on my back. Dermatologist said the cancer cause blood to rise up on the skin. Derm is getting me referred to oncologist in Alamogordo. They will evaluate to see if the cancer originated anywhere else. On my arm is other cancer, basal cell and squamous. Next appoint those will be burned off.”

The oncologist will determine best treatment for cancer on my back which is only a symptom of cancer somewhere else in my body.

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So sorry, Roy. Wish you the best outcome.

park_bear in reply to park_bear

Best to avoid folate supplementation, even the seemingly small amounts in multivitamins or B complex:

Folate Supplementation Carcinogenic

The Western diet already contains adequate folate for most of us.

Sorry to hear this, Roy. I hope the oncologist is able to put things right.


I'm so sorry you have another issue on your hands. wishing you the best professionals and treatment.

Very sorry to hear this. I'm wishing you the best care and treatment resolution.

I’ll be praying for you Roy🙏

We’re saddened to hear this, Roy. Wishing you the best possible team of health professionals to help you through this.

So sorry to read this Roy. Lots of different lymphomas, hope your type is kind. All the best.

Roy, so very sorry. All my good thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Sorry to hear that Roy. Hopefully you will be treated successfully soon. Cancer treatment has made a lot of progress in the 21st century. Best wishes

Roy, do you think trying HD Melatonin will help?

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I am so sorry, my good friend Roy,

Sorry to hear Roy. Wishing you a speedy recovery

Black Salve..... I dare anyone to prove a better treatment, actually I can't believe no one has suggested it with all the natural supplements ingested in this forum

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We tried ozone black seed oil

Roy, so sorry you have something more to worry about. Sounds like you caught it early if you were getting your yearly check ups. Doctors can do some miraculous things. I had breast cancer in 2008 and still cancer free. It was easier to go thru all of that than it was to go thru living with Parkinson's. So keep your chin up.Keep fighting & be strong!


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Had for 3 years. Earlier doctors misdiagnosed and did no biopsy

So sorry to hear that, Roy! It’s not like you have enough problems, as it is!! Catching it early could make a difference! You have my support! It’s another unwanted burden to bear! Try to take life, one day at a time, and try to think positively! I know, easier said than done! Take care, friend!!!

Hi Roy, Very sorry to hear. May God bless, comfort you, and give you strength, as you go through this difficult time...

Best wishes for a successful treatment and speedy recovery Roy.

@royprop, the prayers of my family and mine are with you.


May God give you a speedy recovery and health from every ailment

Shared Sadness& hope for a silver lining...

Sorry to hear this. Please try to maintain very Optimal levels of Vit D3. Wishing you well. 🌅

I'm sorry to read this, Roy. It appears they caught it early, which is good. I'm thinking of you with gratitude for all you are doing to educate us about B1.

So sorry to hear that

I'm so very sorry to hear this, Roy. I hope they are able to take good care of you and that you have a full recovery. I will be praying for you.

Thinking of you at this time.

It really saddens me to hear this. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

You are a fighter, kick its bottom, Roy.

Sorry to hear will be praying for you

Sorry to hear that Roy , I wish you well

All the best Roy, on this journey. You certainly have a lot of love and support on this forum.

Excuse my ignorance i have been diagnosed 9 years and never heard that before

So very sorry to hear this. Wishing you the very best news and treatment from the doctors.

Sending you love and best wishes Roy x

So sorry to hear this Roy. Thinking of you

So sorry to hear this Roy. Thinking of you xx

God bless you Roy best wishes for a speedy recovery from your latest trial. You’re an inspiration and help to so many here . We’re all rooting for you!!🙏🙏

I've been taking wheatgrass for years from a farm up north- There are so many people that go there who have had cancer, and not only beat it, but it hasn't returned .. I would say it's worth trying, along with the regular protocol your doctor gives you..

Thanks for sharing Roy, you’ve demonstrated you’re a fighter and a very caring friend therefore we are all on your side. Will be praying for you my friend “God is on your side yes He is”.

I am sorry to hear this, Roy. I too will be praying for your recovery, and wisdom for your healthcare providers and you also as you journey through this. God bless you as you continue on and blessing others.

Wow so sorry for your diagnosis! There's alot of research online about cancer. Things that helped people beat it. I hope they do not find it any where else!!

Very sorry to hear that, Roy, and I hope your treatment is completely effective.

Praying. Please try high dose vitamin C or Intravenous Vitamin C as Cancer Therapy. Google Dr. Suzanne Humphries on YouTube Vitamin C Lecture.

Thinking of you

Hoping for the best possible outcome 🙏

Wish you all the very best Roy and thank you for all your incredible help & advice

Very sorry to hear your added challenge of cancer Roy. I was diagnosed with cancer and Parkinson’s in the same year. You can do this!! Stay positive and keep fighting , we are all your warriors standing behind you with all the support you need. Take care. Karen

You're a pretty tenacious guy, Roy. You will beat it.

I wish you the best of luck and health and success with this, m y good friend!

I am very sorry to hear that . Wishing you all the best.

I understand how you feel Roy. My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer T1 HG Aug 2019. We live between the BCG maintenance treatments and the cystoscopes for life. Then throw in atrial fibrillation from the stress of treatment and PD looks like a ball. The long and short of it is you have to throw everything you got at it and take it one day at a time. Strength and grace just for today, hope for tomorrow. Since surgery in Aug 2019 he has been NED but every treatment and scope is nerve racking. Just have to rest in Jesus ❤️.Here is a list of stuff that he is taking :-

1. Joe tippens protocol- 225 mg fenbendazole= 1/2 tsp mon-fri

2. Curcumin- 1000 mg

3. Tocotrienols - we did 900 mg and now reduced to 450 mg maintenance

4. Maitake mushroom extract-

5. Turkey tail mushroom powder 1 tsp

6. Vitamin C -2000 mg

7. Fresh wasabi -1/2 tsp- can also use mustard or horseradish

Glucosinalates have anti cancer action

8. Melatonin -20 mg at night

9. Magnesium - equivalent to 200 mg at night

10. Ubiquinol- 400 ml daily

11. Garlic capsules

13. Coffee cherry 200 mg 1x

14. Vitamin B1 hcl 100 mg

15. Miyarisan probiotics

16. Mannitol - 1 tsp

17. Vitamin D3 MK 7- 5000 mg- mon -fri

And test every few months vit D level

Red light when we remember

You can read up on pubmed on all the above.

Do read How to starve Cancer by Jane McLelland. She has a Facebook group as does Joe Tippens

You can also find support on

Wishing you a speedy recovery . There is life after CA. Just have to work around it as with all things. Praying for you and your family.

Jeremiah 33:6 KJV

[6] Behold, I will bring it (you)health and cure, and I will cure them (you) and will reveal unto them (you) the abundance of peace and truth.

Hoping all the best for you.

hi roy im so sorry to hear that as if its bad enough all the problems you have already some times i just cry when i read all the things i read on here of what people are going through as im going through it my self as i sit here typing with my left hand with my arm and leg shaking its just what we all do i never think about people who are having it worse of than me until i see it myself .a few hours ago i was in the hospital ill not say what for there was a line of people waiting to go to the window in front of me was an old woman she looked about 80 and she had to hold on to the post i asked would she like a chair she said yes please so i went and got her a chair and she sat down her son came in he must have been parking the car and between us we got her to the window.its so sad to see things happening like that..o well my parkie friend i wish you only the best hope you do ok .regards john.

RoyProp in reply to Motherfather

Nice to hear from you. Welcome thoughts.

what you do here is important, you helped me with your information, I can only tell you do not give up, do it for you and because you are important to many. Hello.

Following with concern and best wishes to you Roy, from

NC 🇺🇸

Ps. I think Dr Okun said PWP have ~3.7 times the risk for skin cancer? Does that number resonate w you or anyone reading?

RoyProp in reply to AmyLindy

It is true.

Dear Roy, I'm so sorry to hear this. Thankfully cancer treatments have made a lot of progress. I know you will be proactive, informed, and tenacious like you are with PD.

Well wishes comin at ya!!

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