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A Valuable Reference Book for Parkinson's

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"The New Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book"

by Eric AhlSkog PhD, MD of the Mayo Clinic

Parkinson's is a complex evolutive disease. As PwPs [patients with Parkinson’s] it's difficult to assess medical prescriptions, especially when they do not deliver the benefits expected. It can be daunting to sort through all the well-intentioned advice from a support group such as healthunlocked.com.

I highly recommends purchase of the above book for the following reasons:

Author, Eric AhlSkog PhD, MD has 40 years of experience treating Parkinson's within a reputable institution, the Mayo Clinic. His current book is the 2015 updated edition of his popular 2005 book.

500 pages: A valuable reference hardbound book:

Easy-to-read, with both overviews and very detailed advice about treatments,

Practical, with an Index section of some 2,700 entries... allowing you to zero-in on your subject of interest,

A Glossary of some 200 medical descriptions of symptoms and drugs,

A strong advocate of C/L carbidopa/levodopa, AhlSkog presents many levodopa scenarii on how to address personal situations. He also reviews alternate treatments, and proposes some of them as complements to levadopa, and recommends dietary supplements. Regrettably he makes no mention of Dr Costantini’s Thiamine HCL B1 protocol.

Priced at $36, it's a bargain given the vital information it provides.

Disclaimer: I have nothing tangible to gain from my endorsement, but the satisfaction to potentially help a fellow PwP] .

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Amazon currently has it on sale for 28 bucks… I personally like the Kindle version which is only 15 bucks…

Thanks for this. Downloaded the kindle sample. Excellent resource.

It’s a great book to have, from diagnosis on. An American friend sent it to me and I am eternally grateful for the clear, well written advice.

I ordered the book on a whim. Noticed the title page says it was printed 2015. In the medical world that's already old news.

in reply to kaypeeoh

Unfortunately, in the the Parkinson's world, things move very slowly!

Levodopa is still the "gold standard" to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's after ~50 years (And we are lucky to have it!).

IMHO, this is a must-have book for PWP, I don't think you will find a better resource anywhere.

BTW, you don't need a kindle device to read the kindle version. You can use the free kindle app to read it... I like it better than the physical book, since you can navigate very quickly/efficiently with the electronic version.

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