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Hi Pwp please help, I am trying to decipher the symptoms that you might have experienced, which increases with anxiety. If you have anxiety and tremor as part of your symptoms, with occasional dyskinesia, would you say you tremor more, or your dyskinesia increases with anxiety? Like when you are on the queue at a post office, or supermarket. Have you experienced all symptoms together?

I will appreciate your kind response.

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My tremor is worse whenever I feel anxious. Especially in public. I have noticed if I try a little humor while in public, the tremors subside.

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Thanks Sherry1960

I'll give it a try.

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A quantic state ? Tremor seems to transcend the binary logics of ON and OFF Levodopa related states.

We are all different but for me dyskinesia worsens with strong emotions. If I’m upset it’s worse, if I see someone I haven’t talked to in a long time and I’m just really happy my dyskinesia is worse. Anxiety and stress doesn’t make my dyskinesia worse but it seems to make a very negative impact on how I physically feel, I feel much worse during off times. I haven’t quite figured out how to control it all, prayer and meditation help me on many levels because it helps bring about something all people long for a sense of peace. I need to try and achieve more peace in my life which in turn would help my Parkinson’s.

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P.S. I am non tremor dominant

Hi connie i loved reading your post and that prayer helps you cope. My husband Alan has parkinsons and we pray together often for peace and we find we get a lot of comfort . I would like to send you a link to a magazine i read recently on prayer if you could let me have your email address i would love to send it to you . Regards linda

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Hi ConnieD

Yes prayer brings peace and comfort. Thanks for your input.

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How long do you have pd and when did dyskinesia start with you?

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PD About 8 1/2years and dyskinesia started almost immediately. I was 46 when diagnosed They seem to think early onset and early dyskinesia go hand-in-hand at times.

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Thanks,all the best.

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I have heard the younger you are when dx with pd, you have a greater chance of dyskinesia.

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Yes so have I.

Hi, I am a Young Onset PD person (diagnosed at 34) with no resting tremor but I have pretty intense medication induced dyskinesia. I definitely notice that any anxiety, adrenaline, nervousness makes me immediate dyskinetic. This includes anger--getting in a fight with my partner but also physical fear or over excitement--anything relating to adrenaline. It's almost like an on/off switch. I figured this out, in a humorous way, while watching a new zombie series. The show came on, the zombies came out and I started wriggling all over the place. My friend hit the remote and turned it off and I stopped. Back on and I started up again. We had a good laugh (and I took control of the remote) but it is annoying especially when I have to speak publicly or get angry...I feel unnecessarily exposed.

I combat it with mental strategies for calm, for recognition, and by systematically monitoring my breathing...slowing things down, breathing to a count. Running or jumping in place, dancing when possible is also a way to shift the dyskinesia into more fluid, useful energy. Sometimes I use my "spaz attacks" to clean or get the dogs out. We have more power than we realize sometimes.

Also--check out this great book on breathing recently published. It's called Breath by James Nestor. He was on NPR recently.

Hope this helps. (Oh and Amantadine has helped with my Dyskinesia and going off Requip)

I have come to the conclusion that I would rather have the dyskinesia than the freezing episodes. The lesser evil so to speak. Lol When I "spaz out", I envision Tom Cruise sliding across the floor to the "Old Time Rock n Roll" song in "Risky Business." I may just try it sometime! :) It will be risky business. Can I get a witness?!! :)

My husband definitely says his tremor appears when he is anxious, but when he is in conversation with somebody his dyskinesia can appear, it isn’t a very strong tremor and not one of his worst symptoms.

The dyskinesia has been really helped with Amantadine as it really was a problem last winter.

Adding in Azilect and gradually cutting down on C/L has helped with both of these symptoms they still arise but facial dyskinesia is much less.

He has recently taken up drawing again, which he hasn’t done since diagnosis, 5 years ago and not a tremor insight whilst listening to his favourite music and drawing.

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I appreciate you all, may you find some form of relief from this ailment called PD in the name of GOD .Amen.


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