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Since my "freezing" history is well documented as grandpae on the Patients Like Me site, I would suggest anyone who's interested look there. What I'm experiencing lately, however, is freezing of my hands when I'm in a stopped position and holding on with both hands. It occurs most frequently when I'm using my U-STEP walker or while standing over a urinal. I also experience it occasionally with my hands/arms and my feet/legs when I'm lying in bed. It hasn't caused me any big problems, instead being more of a nuisance. When I'm standing and this occurs, shifting weight on my hands/arms works well, which is somewhat similar to shifting weight on my legs when dealing with freezing of my feet/kegs.

Speaking of freezing of feet/legs while moving, that is progressively getting worse. Somewhat surprisingly I don't have any pain whatsoever associated with this. My feet/legs feel like they're in quicksand and even though I can't lift them to walk, I can slide them and move quite easily that way. I have to use my walker all the time. What really causes me trouble is trying to turn from a stopped position. If I'm moving and able to make wide enough turns, it works pretty well. When I need to make a 180 degree turn from a stopped position, however, it's really difficult. If I'm on a hard surface and don't have shoes on with sticky soles, pivoting on my heels works very well.

I'm getting along very well, all things considered, and would be interested in hearing from anyone having similar symptoms.

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Well, I don't know if this is the same thing, but it sounds like it could be. I am speaking for my husband. He holds onto the sink rim and I cannot pry his hands off. He holds onto the sheet covering him at night all night long. He also holds onto towels, and other things with such an incredibly strong grip! As for the freezing of feet, he will be walking and then just stop. Turning is extremely difficult. He will cross his feet to try and straighten out but it winds up getting him entangled and stepping on his own feet. It is very difficult to watch and to correct. He takes such a long time processing what I am asking him to do and coupled with the freezing, it makes for a very hard situation.

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It sounds similar, although much worse than what I'm dealing with. How old is your husband and how long has he been diagnosed with PD? What PD medications does he take? Does he use a walker? Has he fallen often? I apologize for all the questions. I wish I had some answers for you instead Is he seeing a movement disorder specialist? Are you satisfied with what he/she is telling you?

Yes, I have that problem. Before I was on Sinemet, it was worse. I would freeze in my tracks, walking. My hands would grip something, and I couldn't let go right away. With Sinemet it is much better. Probably this problem is a little different for each person, depending upon how far along in the PD disease process they might be.

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