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What Is The Subconscious Mind?


“Do you remember when you tried to ride a bicycle for the first time? Can you count the number of repetitions necessary to perform a flawless dance? Have you ever tried to master a new musical instrument? Most likely, firsts attempts to synchronize a new set of complex actions are always difficult. Once we become more skilled, these movements start to require less conscious awareness until everything begins to flow naturally.”




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Just curious. What is your goal with all the posts with no commentary? Do you think people will read the reports and be inspired or are you laying the precursor for future discussions? I've perused your old posts, but it's unclear to me who you are. You say nothing on your profile here at HU and you joined at a time when the thiamine discussion was reaching a high point and seemed to support thiamine as did Gio who also appeared about the same time. Just wondering who you are and why you post.

GioCas in reply to sunvox

No Kia was already here many months before me, I arrived because you looked for me with a post in which you asked if anyone had tried thiamina injections many months ago.You are lucky men Joe.😀

Kia17 in reply to sunvox


I am simply a PD patient who trying to look at PD in different angles.

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