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Hello - I am Lunara ,new here from Australia and have been having right hand tremors since 8 years - tried all meds from neurologist but nothing helped, so stopped all meds. I decided to try Mucuna Pruriens. I bought Dopa Mucuna capsules from Iherb hoping it would help the hand tremors but 16 capsules later I have broken out in an itchy rash around the lips ,along both arms, around neck & shoulders and lower back....Help! Has anyone experienced the same reaction and know a way of stopping iit...Thanks

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Lunara, My suspicion is that your mucuna is tainted. Herbal products are not regulated closely like drugs, so you cannot be sure of what you are getting. In 3.5 years of taking Mucuna 40% powder ( not capsules), I never had any dermatological reactions. And have not heard of any mucuna-related skin problems from folks on this site. Nausea, yes, but skin problems, no. You should lay off those caps for a few days and see if the rash goes away. If it does, you should try a different brand. I would also contact iherbs to get their reaction, and warn them they may have a bad batch of mucuna. Good luck.

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Thank you for writing - I think you are right - I will lay off the mucuna for a while and see

what happens.....

Could be this:

'The Mucuna Plant’s Famous Itch......There are two main types of Mucuna, one with silky hairs on the seed pods; these are commonly called “velvet bean.” The other varieties have stinging hairs on their seed pods, and are often called cowhage or cowitch. When used traditionally, the most common Mucuna pruriens side effects come from the source plant itself.

Anyone who’s every touched a stinging variety of this very tall, leafy plant will tell you they probably wish that they hadn’t – its hair-like fibers cause severe itching when they come into contact with human skin.'

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