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Yoga and Parkinson's Disease: A Journey to Health and Healing by Peggy Van Hulsteyn


The author herself has PD. She tells in the book that yoga has made a huge difference. An excerpt is given below

Yoga has made an enormousdifference. Physically, it helps me to build strength, stability, balance, and limberness. Emotionally, it calms me. And intellectually, it stimulates me, boosting my creativity. “Yoga builds confidence,” as Dr. Becky Farley, a neuroscientist and researcher at the University of Arizona, once told me. “When people embrace yoga, they become more relaxed and able to control tremors, become more balanced and generally feel better about themselves.”

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Yep. Couldn't agree more . . . yoga and meditation help. They don't cure, but they help.


If you can control your mind, you can control your body . . . to some extent. Discipline. It's REALLY hard to achieve for most of us.

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