Rhemetroid arthritis

Hi I'm 36 and recently been diagnosed with ccp positive rhemetroid arthritis I'm on 20mg a week methotrexate I don't know much about the positive ccp only what I've googled would appreciate to hear about yourself a thanks Tina

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  • When diagnosing RA doctors are usually looking for two antibodies in your blood the RF ( rheumatoid factor) and the CCP. Existence of these antibodies, especially CCP, together with other symptoms, helps the doc to make the diagnosis of RA. Hope this helps😊

  • Thankyou

  • Hi! I am also CCP positive. I've read that if you are (CCP positive ) it is a more aggressive form. My doctor never really answered my questions regarding this, but I feel that it is true. I was also on methotrexate, but it stopped working. I felt really scared because of the pain I was having was so bad. My hands were swelling so bad, my knees ,feet and ankles so stiff. I almost couldn't walk down stairs. It made me scared because it made me realize that even with the methotrexate, this disease was continuing to do damage 😕. I am now on xeljanz. It finally seems to be working. Hopefully it is slowing down the process. I also am a vegetarian and am gluten free. Good luck to you. I am really curious to see other responses to your question. I hope that this response doesn't scare you, I can definitely say that everyone with this disease is different and responds differently to meds, diet,etc.

  • Thankyou for replying and yes I feel the same way u have explained I can't walk very well my hands are bad I've been Of work a couple of months I also have synovitis in me feet I thought I'd of felt better by now

  • How long have you been taking the methotrexate? It took a while to start working for me.

  • 12 weeks this week

  • Hope it's working well for you!

  • Hi Tina, I m new to this RA too. I m strange as I have high ccp levels (224) but no real signs yet. It just got picked up in a blood test. Like you, I m curious to know more but believe me sometimes you can know too much. I think I have to stop Googling. I do think that everyone is different and I hope that my future, like yours, will be ok!!! Good luck. Ps did you get a CCP level? Do you have symptoms yet?

  • Hi yes my ccp was 229 I have bad hands but my feet are worse my mtp joint are bad and have synovitis it's very painful i had a routine blood test as was suffering with my hands and shoulders I was very shocked at how quick my illness has processed

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