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hi all

just wanting some advice on calprotectin and mucus in stool

first started noticing white stringy mucus in February, took a calprotectin test and it came back at 940, they started me on clipper and suppositories and it then went back down to 4 on the next stool sample (even though I was still getting lower right discomfort and still seeing mucus)

I've taken another sample in last week to see whats going on and if things are still in control and its come back at 123. she said the normal levels go up to 50 but they just said to repeat in a month. They don't seem concerned at all and said some people with iBD always will have a slightly raised level and sometimes just see more mucus, and could even be IBS. Just wondered what peoples normal levels were and if mucus can just be a normal thing?

they've ruled out anything serious as they said calrotectin would be a lot higher and wouldn't have gone back down, plus a colonoscopy 2 years ago was all clear plus recent bloods were normal too, so don't think they seem concerned

any advice would be great please

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A reading of 123would indicate that there is a slight inflammation, and a watching brief should be maintained. It is indicative of IBS or IBD, but further testing (colonoscopy) or referral to a gastroenterologist or gastrointestinal consultant would be advisable. Good luck and stay safe.

Would anything like cancer make it this kind of figure?

It would be unlikely, however, the only way to be absolutely sure is to have another colonoscopy, and a discussion with a gastroenterologist or GI team. I would also ask them to test for BAM (bile acid malabsorption) and gall stones or gall bladder problems.

I’m currently on list for a colonoscopy in next 12 weeks. I guess if that’s normal they’ll do more tests like allergies and I’ll mention gallbladder. The IBD specialist team are talking to me regulary regarding concerns and results and they don’t seem remotely alarmed by the result and symptom I’m getting which I’m trying to see the positive for

I would certainly take it further - don’t just take GP’s word that all is ok. My daughter suffered for 7 years before finally getting a Crohn’s diagnosis. I agree that an infection or a cold could trigger a higher reading but if you are still getting symptoms and mucus then push for a further colonoscopy. Things can change in 2 years. Don’t let them feel you are being a nuisance - stand firm and get things sorted. Good luck

Thank you. Well the first result was 942, I have diagnosed colitis. Then after treatment it went down to 4. But it’s gone up a slightly bit more in last 2 months to 123 x

If I was you I would keep a diary of symptoms for another two weeks and go back again to GP. Don’t be fobbed off - it’s your body and you know if something is not right - good luck

Got my colonoscopy brought forward to next few weeks thankfully. They said they still aren’t concerned other than for my

Mental health as I’m so worked up about it

If you've already been diagnosed with colitis do you have the support from IBD nurses. They would be perfect to ask these type of questions.

I know with IBS we don't have access to this facility on the NHS, hense becoming a member of the IBS network. I spoke to one of the nurses from this team the other night. She was fabulous and helped me with some advice.

I do yeah. They basically said that this may be my normal level as IBD patients sometimes have a naturallY More raised one than 50. They think the low reading of 4 was probably due to being on steroids at the time

They don’t seem concerned either way because it’s gone down from the initial 943 one which would suggest it was colitis and that treatment has helped. Even still having mucus she said it’s possible that I might always see it now and could just be a new normal part of my bowel movement. Said it should be harmless proving there’s no active inflammation.

Got to repeat the test in 4 weeks

To see if it’s changed any. Because under 50 is negative and over 200 is positive for most normal people and rest is a grey area so they jus want to see if goes up or lowers or stays the same. If it’s the latter 2 they won’t really be concerned

Just wanted to touch base to see if anyone had had anything similar to give me advice, because regardless of all this I still worry it’s gone up from 4 even though may be normal, but also having help for health things anxiety

Maybe speak to a councillor. They can help with anxiety xxx

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