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I’ve just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and I’m Waiting to see my consultant to try sort Medication etc what types of foods should I eliminate from my diet? Drinks stay clear of?



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Stop drinking alcohol and all fizzy drinks. Do not eat peanuts, sweetcorn, Brussel sprouts, or baked beans. Ask your GI team to refer you to a dietician to check out the fodmap diet. Good luck.

I’thanks for your reply

I'd say you have to try out a few things and see how you react to them. For me small amounts of fizzy drinks won't do anything but if I have more than 1-2 bottles then I'll get irritated. I've had to start having lactose free milk cause normal milk irritates me, and try to minimise fibres, like have white bread etc

Good luck!

I can’t pin point what affects me because it seems everything does. It’s started to affect my spine and my hip that’s why I was confused when they diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis as I haven’t lost weight and my symptoms seemed more like endometriosis.

I wouldn’t expect much support from the clinics regards food - I find the general opinion within the clinics is that food has little impact on symptoms - you know your body best so see what works.

Keep an eye on your weight, absorption during inflammation may decrease.

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Thank you very much, I’ve actually put on weight recently which threw me off when I got diagnosed because I thought I would of lost weight.

The views of my Gastro team are that there is no point in eliminating any foods or sticking to a "diet" unless you know that a certain food has an effect on you. I don't do well with veg, fruit or anything high fibre so barely eat any of the "healthy" things but I can drink fizzy, eat chocolate and all the other bad things, my Consultant once said that many people with UC actually do better on a not so healthy diet and that's true for me.

Everyone seems to react to different foods. Start a food and symptom journal to help you pinpoint what you react to. Common ones are coffee, beans, fake sugar, especially alcohols like xylitol, malitol (end in "ol"), tomatoes, peppers, high fiber, especially raw. Some fruits and veggies can be tolerated cooked, but not raw. And some foods you will find you can tolerate small amounts not eaten often, especially if you are not flaring.

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Thank you for your tips, how would I know when I’m in a flare? I’ve had symptoms now for 8 months constant bleeding/mucus and bleeding but I’m not on any medication yet so probably in a constant flare. I have found though that recently I’ve been in more pain with my stomach x

I had my first flare up a month ago, it was horrendous.... went to the loo 15+ times a day, in extreme pain.. stools were very loose, constant nausea... you will definitely know when you are flaring

I’m like that constantly so not sure if I’m in constant flare 😩 I have been bleeding a lot more than usual to the point it covers the pan. Thanks for your help x

My flares can go on for several weeks. You can go to your GP while you’re waiting for the Consultant appointment. If you’re still bleeding, don’t suffer alone, the GP will want to see you. They can give you steroids to help while you’re waiting, and a bit of moral support, or they can admit you into hospital if that’s needed xx

Definitely sounds like you are.. go to the drs ASAP or even the hospital

They will give you steroids which should help

Thank you it seems to be getting worse and I’ve been newly Diagnosed so waiting to see my consultant (it’s over a month away for my appointment xx

Yep, definitely go to hospital

Hi Sacha, please keep us updated, I’d like to know which treatment you’re given.

I will do I don’t see my consultant until April 15th. X

hi what were your symptoms of UC?

My private nutritionist put me on the AIP diet (autoimmune protocol) for 3 months after a bad flare up. Recent stool tests came back with calprotectin levels only at 15! And I am medication free with no symptoms. Have had UC for 13 years. Check it out, it’s not something consultants or the nhs will suggest as they always choose medication as the route.

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