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How long does a UC flare up last?

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This is only the second UC flare up I've had but it's been going on for about 2 months now. It's not been anywhere near as bad as the first one which was brought on by the colonoscopy that diagnosed me in the first place. My diagnosis was 'moderate UC'.

I'd be interested to hear others' experiences.


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I had one that lasted well over six months. Make sure your specialist knows that a) you are having a flare up, and b) how long it’s lasting.

You probably need extra meds to control it so contact your Gastro Con.

You need to contact your IBD team you may need medication ie: Steroids this should help control it. Good luck 😉

Thanks everyone. I contacted my IBD nurses and am now waiting for a prescription for steroids. They're also sending me a stool testing kit to check calprotectin levels which will be repeated.

I really think everyone's different but mine was worse on the things what I ate I can't eat lots ov cheese some vegetables I can't eat brown rice is a deffently a no no and spicy food bad aswell

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Shoeysmum in reply to Bettle3

The only dairy I'm having is milk in my tea which is the tiniest amount, quite a lot of milk in my coffee although I only tend to have one mug a day and milk with corn flakes.

I know dairy is supposedly a trigger so how come yoghurt is recommended? I don't get that.

Bettle 3, you do know that brown rice is fibre, don't you? That's why it affects you.

I've cut out all fibre, except for the small amounts in day to day veg, e.g. carrots and broccoli.

I seem to be ok with spicy foods although I don't eat a lot of them.

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Two doctors in USA confirmed that diet doesn't trigger flare ups, which makes zero sense to me. Both said they were unsure about the direct causes both they think that stress is the cause of flare ups. As for yogurt, it is fermented and considered to be a healthy probiotic. Amazing how differently people's bodies respond!

I'm ok with milk and brown bread it's so weird that people with uc is so different I'm still finding out about things I can and can not eat hope everything goes well for you

I hope all will go well for you. My 18 year daughter was diagnosed with UC four years ago and, thanks the Lord, she has had 2 short-termed flare ups (<a month) each. Something you wrote attracted my attention, did you mean your first flare up was caused by the colonscopy?! Sorry, I am trying to learn hoping to be of some, or any, support to my daughter. Thanks.

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Yes, my first flare up was brought on by a colonoscopy which did, in fact, discover ulcers in my colon. Prior to the colonoscopy my symptoms were just a small 'puff' of blood as I sat down on the toilet. (Hope you get my drift when I say 'puff' lol),

Mine has been going on for 8 months..... Mesalazine just starting to make a difference.

8 months is a long time Valerie. Maybe you too need steroids. They certainly worked for me although I had loads of side effects.

Yes I think that may be the next step. The 5ASAs don't seem to be controlling it very well.

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