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Weird Crohn’s bowl movements

Hello there ladies and gents, I have a question.

Ok so, I haven’t had my remicade in like 3 months because my doctor transferred to a new hospital, so when I finally took remicade (a month late than usual) it felt like all my guts suddenly paused and I wasn’t passing stool like I normally would (after taking remicade)

Do you feel like it’s just a coincidence that my bowl moments changed once I took remicade a month late or there’s actually a bigger problem that I’m not aware of ?

I’m thinking of asking my doctor for some light laxatives to see if they’ll help, I really hope it’s not a stricture.

Has anyone been through something similar ? Please share your experiences 😄

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It could be the remicade, but during remission stage the bowel can become sluggish as scar tissue can cause poor gut mobility or even strictures.

It would be better to discuss laxatives with your gastro or IBD nurse as too much or wrong type could trigger a flare. An old GP sent me away with a prescription and diagnosis off constipation (even tho stools were soft) and after being very ill, it was discovered I had a stricture!

ideally try increase water intake and dietry fibre as a natural means of getting bowels moving

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Thank you so much for the great advice I appreciate it, I’ll try the natural way first and if that doesn’t work I’ll move on to getting laxatives from my doctor 😄


Finally had multiple bowl movements, I don’t know what I did to help but I feel great !


fantastic, glad to hear you feel better.

Also my colleague who suffers constipation recommends linseeds - may be worth a try!

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Thank you, I’ll check it out ! 😁


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