Can Ulcerative Colitis be intermittent?

Hi Everyone,

I am just wondering what your personal experiences have been with Ulcerative Colitis or possibly microscopic colitis?

Can colitis be intermittent i.e. once per week or occurring very randomly?

Also, did any of you have extraintestinal symptoms before being diagnosed finally with colitis?

I am 30, have had thyroid disease which resulted in total thyroidectomy, also have vitiligo and lichen sclerosus which are autoimmune. Been having problems with my bowels for years - left sided, very much at the "end" of the digestive tract as I have always described myself as having a stomach of steel.

Fecal occult blood was VERY high, bleeding intermittently also, passing mucus and having intermittent bouts of what I can only describe as violent diahrea which is VERY painful - doubled over. Only thing that helps is a mixture of buscopan and codiene from GP. Comes on very suddenly and out of the blue. Cannot drink any alcohol or coffee etc anymore, also cannot tolerate high fibre such as beans or weetabix.

Having a colonscopy in May which I am dreading very much as my experience with laxatives are VERY painful spasms. Can anyone recommend a gentle one?

Also does anyone have bladder troubles with colitis? I have had severe inflammation in my bladder for years.

Kind Regards.

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  • Hi there,

    So sorry to hear you've been through so much. I too am waiting for my colonoscopy to test for IBD and it's on Wednesday! I'm freaking out about it for the same reason of the laxatives.

    Reading your post though, I find that I too have all your symptoms and have been wondering about them being intermittent. Usually mine get worse for two weeks during my period and hey die down, but recently it's been going on for six months straight and I've now lost 8KG from it. I'm worried though as my stool sample didn't show inflammation and I'm now on my last leg as I'm probably having to defer a year at uni as I'm too sick to leave bed most of the time.

    It's reassuring to hear someone else experiencing it like you have though (sorry if that's not nice to say) just it's been gunning me how I can be ok for a few weeks or months then for a few days have the symptoms.

    I really hope you are feeling well x

  • Thanks so much! I hope your colonscopy goes okay, please let me know how you get on. Mine is next month unfortunately. :( It is so annoying having to wait so long with symptoms like this. X

  • I have colitis after having a colonoscopy done, no problems having the colonoscopy done, Better to find out what is causing the problems, found out wheat and corn are causing me problems. Also have a underactive thyroid. Best of luck

  • Thanks Elwins. It is more the prep for the colonscopy which I am dreading as any form of laxative for me even senna ends up really painful.

  • Thanks for reply, had no problems with the laxative even had no pain relief, had a good nurse who just chatted to me whilst he did what he had to do. I found nothing to it, nice in the end to have details of what the problem was, so I could sort my diet out, went wheat and corn free which helped a lot. Best of luck

  • Coco -- I'm not sure whether your in the U.K. or U.S., but here in the U.S., my friend who must have yearly colonoscopies recommends Golightly (spelling?) Preparing for colonoscopies, I haven't had problems with different kinds of laxatives, but find it very difficult to swallow so much liquid. The last time I had a colonoscopy, two male nurses formed a support group to cheer me on to finish drinking the prep.

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