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What is this? Photo

What is this? Photo

Hi everyone, I'm 30. Had bladder probs for years. Actually think I possibly have ulcerative colitis or eosoniphilic cystitis. Have been cathetrised in and off for months. Had multiple severe urethral strictures and I have lichen sclerosus. Had multiple dilatations. Anyone had this type of thing coming out in their urine. Sorry its a bit gross. I always get these even when I don't have a foley in. I have had biopsies and been told there was severe Inflammation but they dont know why? So I'm just left to deal with it with antispasmodics and codiene. I want to demand an mri now. Whats your thoughts?

Can anyone shed any light? No pun intended lol. Thanks

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It looks like clot from haematuria


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