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Advice/help needed please

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Hey everyone,

I'm kind of new to the whole posting online and forums but I'm in desperate need of some help. Since November just gone I have been experiencing a lot of stomach upset and it's got to the point where it's seriously affecting my work and home life. I've been having diarrhoea every day since the beginning of November sometimes having to go 6 times a day minimum I'd say is 3 times. I get stabbing stomach pains throughout the day along with lower back pain. I suffered in silence up until just before Christmas when I decided to go see my GP who sent me to A&E as she thought it could be appendicitis. When she was pressing on my stomach the right hand side was more painful than the left and I had a temperature too. She also asked me to do a stool sample.

Off I went to A&E where they took bloods and I had an ultrasound they confirmed that it was not appendicitis and that my bloods showed anaemia and inflammation they were suggesting that this could be an inflammatory bowel disease and put in a referral to a gastroenterologist. At this time I told my partner what was happening who was appalled that I'd been suffering for this long and not told him but being truthfully honest I didn't want to say as it's so embarrassing.

The tiredness has been affecting work and home I can't do the things I used to do which is getting me down as I'm a fairly active person. As for the pain it becomes unbearable and I have to go to bed or lie down for a 24 year old this isn't the best quality of life and I'm struggling to stay positive. If there's anything anybody can suggest or help me out with sharing experience etc I would be most grateful.

Sorry for the long winded post!!

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Hi, first off dont be embarrassed.

Its good they have referred you so quickly to a gastroeneterologist. Many IBD people suffer for years before a referral and diagnosis is made.

Ask your GP if they arrange for you to do a faecal calprotectin test. this is simply a stool sample that is analysed for inflammation markers that can help distinguish between IBD and IBS. This will be useful to have results for when you see the Gastro team.

I advise eating a low residue diet, these very plain simple foods such as white bread, rice & past, boiled potatoes, white fish and chicken. these sorts of food contain very little roughage and easily digested so helps rest the gut. Drink plenty of fluids and rest up as much as you can - It took me 20 yrs to finally accept rest is very important.

You can take regular paracetamol which can help with temperature and give some relief to your abdo pain. If your GP can prescribe codeine even better as it is a stronger pain killer and helps firm up the stools. Try and avoid loperimade until diagnosis as it can cause complications for some IBD sufferers

Have you lost weight and noticed blood and mucus in your stools? these are other symptoms that can arise.

If you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask, and you can private message me if you like (tells you how in help section)

Take care x

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Leenie0811 in reply to willow24

I think when I went to A&E that's what they requested when they sent me away to do another stool sample I handed this back into my GP but have still to get the results. The first stool sample was to test for any bugs etc.

I have definitely lost weight my partner has noticed a difference in my shape and my clothes feel looser than normal I'm not very big anyways so it's easy to tell we don't have scales in our house so it's hard to knowthe exact amount lost.

At first I wasn't taking much notice of my stools until the trip to A&E when they asked like a million questions, I have noticed that at least one a day is very dark and from internet research that suggests dried blood but other than that I haven't noticed any fresh blood or mucus.

Thank you for the food tips and pain relief advice. I'm still waiting on an appointment but hope to get one this month, can it take a long time to get treatment or any sort of diagnosis for these symptoms? Xx

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willow24Administrator in reply to Leenie0811

its the tests etc that take a while, but they rely on these for a diagnosis. It is likely you will need a colonoscopy to look at your bowel and take biopsies.

Just hang in there x

Hi, As willow24 says, don't be embarrassed. It seems like talking about poo is taboo to the outside world but it shouldn't be. It's a normal function but people sometimes don't realise the pain sufferers go through as it's not a visible illness.

Plain food and just water are best really. I also have a green tea with a little tumeric in which is meant to be reduce inflammation. Every little bit helps!

Don't get frustrated with yourself either for not being able to do things. I'm an active person too and I know the feeling when you're too tired to do things. Just set yourself little goals and then go and relax, we all have to sometime! It just takes a bit longer. Just because the inflammation isn't visible doesn't mean it's not there, your body is still working away at this, so see resting time as healing time!

Hi there, I know it's a worry for you and hopefully you will be seen by a specialist soon!! You've been given lots of good advice already I can see that. Be careful about searching on the internet until you have a diagnosis and even then be does have a tendency to frighten the life out of you reading it could be this, that or the other. Take care and I hope they get things sorted out for you soon.

Try cannabis oil

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