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Advice about celiac disease syptoms

Wondering if anybody could give me any advice? I have been suffering with stomach problems for about 7 years now which was put down too IBS. I have crowns disease in my family but have had blood tests for crowns and celiac a good few years ago which came back fine. Recently my symptoms have become a lot worse, I have had more blood tests and found that I have B12 and folate deficiency. I struggle too eat, i am always being told I look like I've lost weight ( I am already very petite ) and I feel very fatigued and nauseous most days. I suffer with bad stomach cramping and bloating and struggle to get out of bed every morning, I wish the days away because alls I want too do is sleep. Because of years of undiagnosis I am worrying myself more and making myself more ill thinking of what the cause of my symptoms might be. I'm just looking for some advice really, if any of my symptoms sound familiar?

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Hi i had very similar concerns as yourself many years ago and was basically told it was all in my head and that i should just get on with living , some months later i ended up in intensive care with a large proportion of my bowel removed, and a diagnosis of crohns disease .

Now i know if my body is not right and i seek medical advice and answers.

I have undergone major surgery and i await another major op...

So My advice is to go back to your doctors/consultant and ask for more tests and results .

your symptoms are suggestive that things are not right and your quality of life is not good either .....

Good luck and keep us updated

also have a read of Marz post on Do you know your B12 levels which is of value.


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