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Podcast vs C25k app

I'm not sure when I can assume I've graduated.

I am working off the C25k iPhone app and have already downloaded the B210k app. The first 7 weeks are identical but week 8/9 differ from the nhs podcast. I am due to complete W8R3 tomorrow but my app describes it as a 30 min run, then w9r1 is the graduation run and then you then begin the 4x 10min intervals.

I'd hate to get this far and feel like I've cheated but I'm keen to move forwards to the next program (I work better to a structured plan).

Any thoughts fellow runners?

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Whatever you decided, you haven't cheated, you can run 30 minutes, Cupid you do that 8/9 weeks ago.

If it really bothers you, why not add an additional 30 min run and class that as graduation (in effect you will have done 3x30 mins)

Enjoy, whatever you decide, in my book you will have definitely have graduated.


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