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I am a runner...mmm?

Was really chuffed to complete w6 r3 on Sat and hear those immortal words "you are a runner". Felt like I was in an old episode of Kung Fu - "Grasshopper..." (Only those of a certain age will appreciate this recollection!) Unfortunately with a nasty cold earlier in the year and a period of rest for tender Achilles, I will not finish C25K programme in time for Belfast marathon on 6 May. I'm due to run the 3.5mile leg and wondered if anyone had any advice? I was wondering whether I should concentrate on getting comfortable running 25mins so I could run say 20 min followed by 3-5min walk followed by 20 min run at which point I may have covered the distance or whether to run as long as I could and just finish by walking? Any strategies or advice greatly received, thanks.

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Ah yes, glasshopper "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions." ;-)

I'd go for running as far as you can - if you need a short recovery walk on the day take one but then carry on running. I wouldn't plan for one. I think you'll be surprised how far you can run in another 4 weeks. :D


See how you feel on the day, you may surprise yourself, just be sure not to injure yourself. Congratulations on making it this far! I have another 2 weeks to hear those words I think, I'll be starting week 5 in 2 days.


I'm absolutely sure you'd be able to get to the end. The run is nearly 3 weeks away, by which time you'll be almost finished the programme. Last spring I was in a similar position - I wanted to do the Sport Relief Mile (the 3 mile version) but wasn't going to be finished C25K in time. I kind of compressed the last three weeks into two, and did a 3-miler a few days before the real thing (to gauge if I was really ready). It was fine. I think that maybe it's having the goal in mind that gets you there ...

After the "big one", I dropped back into the programme where I should have been had I not messed about with it (if you see what I mean). To be honest, I struggled with the first run. But from the next again, everything was hunkily dorily.

Anyway - you're a runner now. Not just a runner, but a Kung Fu runner. Go on - it'll be worth it, Grasshopper!


Thank you for all the encouraging comments - I shall follow the advice and just start and keep going; as old Chinese proverb say " a journey of a thousand miles - or in my case 3.5 miles! - begins with one small step". Am actually feeling quite excited, only a week to go... :-)


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