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I'm back - holiday over, back to Laura!

Just back from my first run for ten days after daughters wedding then a break in Wales (with no proper internet for a week); lots of long walks in countryside and on beaches, but no running (although my kit came for the ride!)

Felt a bit tired after yesterdays 7 hour drive home then a 1 am trip to A&E as my son (who I didn't even know was in the local area, he was secretly visiting our old neighbours daughter after a spark between them at the wedding!) had had a fit, knocked himself out hitting his head and breaking a dining room chair on the way down! Luckily he was ok, so I was back in bed at 4am only to be woken by grandson chasing the cat giggling loudly at 6.30am! :-(

I followed the Stamina podcast again this time as I wanted to make sure I did the whole 5k for 5x50 today, and felt I should give myself a target to see if I had lost any fitness over the last week; it went well considering, had to push myself about 20 minutes in as my legs were tired, then got a boost with the last speed section coming up when a chap up a ladder painting shouted 'Well done, I couldn't run for a mile' so I shouted back '35 minutes done, 5 to go' and got another 'Very well done, keep going!' That lifted my spirits and I put maximum effort into the last section, and turned up the road towards home, which has an incline rather than stay on the flat.

I was very pleased when getting home to find that Imapmyride said I have done a half mile more than my last run doing stamina, in only 1 minute longer; but the weather was kinder and today was on flat paths not soggy grass! :-)

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Wlcom back Poppy. Sons, huh? One sign of a female and they go to pot. I should know - I met Mrs Makcy almost 40 years ago, went to pot and haven't been the same since. Not too many trips to A&E though - only when I'm foolish enough to disagree with her.

Sounds like your week off hasn't hit your condition at all - if you can do 40 mins non stop, you're as good as ever. Just think back to before C25K - isn't it an amazing difference? And now, with the wedding out of the way, just think how much more time you can devote to what byou REALLY want to spend time doing (:->)


Well that was a good way to get back to things! Great running. :)


Thanks Malcy & Greenlegs; it's been hard not running for ten days; really missed it, but had to spend my time with grandson walking & talking and digging on the beach, chasing him in and out of the surf (brrr!). Found plenty of steps to go up and down too, and he was a star never moaning, we just turned everything into Merlin & King Arthur games, sword fighting with sticks as all the gift shops were closed at the castles we went to until Caerphilly on the way home! :-)

Anyway, the walking and steps must have helped, have logged all the walks etc in the 5x50 when I got back, must say my legs are really aching now though! Have another week off, looking after him as daughter goes back to work on Tuesday on 12 hour shifts for 3 days so will try and fit in runs during playschool times (not my favourite times to go though), other daughter not back from honeymoon until next Sunday; but if I stay over here I could try the flat Chelmsford Parkrun on Saturday... A plan is formulating :-)

Thought when son moved out last year I had done my last trip to A&E with him for a while! Oh well... at least he was ok to be released, and the family whose chair he broke were happy for him to go back there! Think he will blame any lingering bruises on his rugby game from yesterday afternoon! ;-)


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