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Week 4, run 2

Apart from a few issues with my MP3 player, today's run was again a lot of fun.

Once more it was the initial 3 minute run that was the hardest but once I got into my stride it was nice and comfortable.

My MP3 player jumped track just as I was about to start the final run and it took me several minutes to find the right place in the correct track so I could continue, which was frustrating.

However I was pleased to see that my average pace is 5.40 minutes per kilometre and my fastest pace is 5.33 - so I am well on course for a sub-30 minute 5k if I can maintain that pace across the longer distances.

Looking good so far......

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Well done on the run, Slideman. Where do you get your stats from please?


I use a Garmin GPS watch which records all the stats. Then I upload them to the Garmin site so I can analyse them.


Ah ok. Thanks! Haven't taken the plunge on expensive equipment ... yet :D


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