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London marathon runners I salute you

Today was meant to be week 8 run 3 I thought that it was another 28 minute run. I am using c25k app and it lied I set off to find I had to run for thirty minutes but I had the marathon on telly with the sound turned down and I was inspired and lo and behold not only did I run for thirty mins I ran for THIRTY FIVE minutes ooooommmmmgggg. Oh I wish it could be marathon day every day. I did it I ran for soooo much longer than I ever thought I could I was carried along by the sea of faces on telly all smiling. I was inspired by the kids running the half marathon and the disabled runners it made me feel part of it all. To all of you who competed in that run today a huge big congratulations you are all my inspirations. Keep running. Can't stop smiling lol :D

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I know the feeling. I'm doing Week 6 run 1 later today, the rain has just started to pour, but I've watched the marathon this morning and I feel so motivated to go out! It really is so amazing and emotional watching the marathon runners, if I could do even half or a quarter of a marathon I'd be happy lol! Well done on your run and nearly being at graduation! xxx


Great job! :-) Who knows, one day it could be you, one of those smiling faces inspiring others. ;-)


I so agree with your headline statement.

A colleage of mine (a mother of three) ran for the first tme today, and looking at her stats is humbling. 10k in 58 mins, 20k in 2h2m, 30k in 3h14m, 40k in 4h 28m and, with a finish time of 4h43m, an average pace overall of 6m50s/km. And she'll be back working this evening ...

And the fastest woman finished in 2h30m. Amazing.


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