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Oops. Wrong podcast!


Set off this morning for week 7 run 2. It was raining, and I had a bit of bother trying to get my ipod on my arm thingy inside my jacket as I was leaving the house for the brisk 5 minute walk. I wasn't really listening to Laura on her pre-run chat.

I had decided to change my route this time for one that is a bit more challenging with steepish (for me) bits in it. I've done two 25 minutes now, I thought. This might be the time to push myself a bit.

It was HARD. I honestly thought I was going to have to give in, but the thought of what you lot have all done and said kept me going. 5 minutes to go Laura said, as I heaved one leg in front of the other. Then, finally, 'Well done, you have just run 28 minutes'!!!!! 28 minutes, twenty eight minutes, I was only supposed to be doing 25!!!!

Not sure how I managed it, but I had accidentally set off doing week 8 and hadn't noticed. No wonder it was so hard! Those extra 3 minutes and hills (well, steep slopes) too.

I'm sure I'm not the first to have made that mistake, and I probably won't be the last. However, I'll go back to my flatter route for the next run, which will be week 7 run 3!!

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Look at it this way hopefully your next week 7 one might be easier? That's great though, you should be proud of yourself - hills are super difficult and they throw me off so easily! Well done and good luck for hte rest of the program, not long to go :)

CaledoniaGraduate in reply to meggyann

Thank you. I hope you're right and that it seems easier by comparison! I'll leave it a bit before I try the hilly route again.


What a breakthrough! Good luck with the rest of your runs. :-)

CaledoniaGraduate in reply to con-brio

Thanks for that. Can't believe really that I've managed to get this far :)

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