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Knee niggles again :(

Did week 6 run 2 yesterday morning and went well. Bit of a struggle in places, but got through it. Got up this morning and went for a walk with other half, retracing the route I was running for 30 minutes last year before knee stopped me one run from graduation. Although knee felt fine yesterday, was having niggles with the knee and even thought it was going to give way at one point. Don't want to stop the running, but don't want to injury knee any more either.....

Going to take an extra rest day, so will see how it is on Tuesday morning. Just hope I an carry on this time......

Good luck to all running in London today. One day I would love to join you!!

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Oh no, I'm sorry to hear your knee is giving you trouble again. Have you seen anyone about it? A sports physio or someone might be able to help.


I saw someone a few months ago and am still waiting for a physio appointment! so far today, it is holding out. Not planning to run today in any case, but am hoping that I will be able to try the next one in anohehr couple of days time. Don't want to leave it too long.


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