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Suntabulous Week 8 Run 1 Run :) :)

I hadn't run since Sunday due to work and then the dreaded wind which threw me completely off track I got out there to run and how glad I did! It felt like my best run ever! I managed to get a lovely steady pace, helped even more by the sightseeing boat which I paced up the riverside path. It was so so nice to feel the sun and boy was I glad I picked up my race for life sun glasses in Tesco the other day! I managed to run 4.07 k at a pace of 7.54k/m in 31 minutes so very proud of myself. I planned it slight wrong as the football match finished as I was on my way home and Laura said I had 5 minutes left to run so I couldn't change my route and ending up running headlong into hundreds of supporters leaving the ground! Argh, they must have thought me mad and it was the first time I had ventured out in running tights and top and no hide all bottoms and jacket, but did I care, NO, I just smiled to myself and kept on going, enjoying a well deserved glass of wine and a pizza now..... Only 5 more runs until graduation, WOW!

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Brilliant! I'm so impressed that you carried on through the football supporters - I think I would have turned tail and run off in the other direction :D Enjoy your next few runs - you're nearly there :)


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