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Week 5. Who's Robert & where's Laura?

First run after my disasterous one a week ago, been really sensible as not been totally well.

Anyway, nice afternoon so done my gear...short sleeve t, and a baseball cap (no running cap and gloves: amazing). Popped on my trainers (not thoroughly dried out from the run before last) and off I go with my Walkman.

Start walking, turned on the podcast and Laura. Some guy called Robert.

Still, managed 2 very slow jogs of 5 mins with 3 min walks between, then rather than just doing the last 5 min run, I kept on going through the walk time (apart from a 10 second stop to negotiate a gate).... I am amazed; I ran for a whole 10 mins (& 20 mins in total) and I wasn't in a total heap on the floor by the end -although not sure how much longer I could go to be honest and the last 5 mins was on the flat so not exactly tricky.

Anyway, now off to find Laura. I will do her w5r1 on Monday and see how I go.

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OMG how funny and a bit exciting - I will plod on in hope that a Robert will come and cheer me on haha. I hope the surprise did not make you stop. :) who is this Robert? Maybe they should invent the podcasts so you can select your 'coach' like you can select a voice on the Satnavs. I have got 'Australian Ken' at the moment :) x


I feel left out.. I never met robert ... it was always Laura, though I did have a song about 'you, me and Julie' does that count :)

Keep up the good work with the running :)


I never met Robert in Week 5 either. Feeling deprived! :)

Intrigued about "you, me and Julie" because it's been mentioned so may times. Is it really THAT bad?! Or is it really THAT good?!


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