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A sunny start to a new week (W8R1)

The sun is shining and the wind has stopped blowing. It's a lovely day for a run (not too hot either). Went out on my own for this run although the dog pleaded to come out (sorry Miss Millie but I can't cope with a lead and a dog - too busy trying to co-ordinate my legs and arms as it is).

It was quite a nice run although still not my number 1 for enjoyment (I get a buzz from the achievement not the doing). I even managed a few good mornings to people long with the way without sounding like my dog when she's panting! ;)

When I got home I found that I'd run the furthest distance to date and the time was similar to the week 7 runs. All in all I'm quite happy. :D

Better crack on with the house work now :(

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Well done. :-)

House work in this weather just does't seem right does it!

Good luck with your next run. :-)


Good result! Enjoy your next few runs. Pity Miss Millie can't run with you. ;-)


Your run- yay!

Housework - BOO!



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