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One more run to to and hip hurting!

I finished week 9, run 2 yesterday, and felt very pleased with myself, and great, until yesterday evening. I then developed this really sharp pain in my right hip/groin, which suddenly comes on in certain positions. It's maddening, I had planned to do the last run tomorrow and then go and celebrate with my teenagers who have also just finished the program. I suppose I'll have to postpone this. does anyone have any ideas?

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Well done on the run. :-) Sorry but I don't know what could be causing the pain. Does it feel like muscle pain?


Poor you! :-(

Advice tends to be that if the pain is severe, you should see your GP straight away. If not severe, stop running and get it checked by a GP or physiotherapist if the pain doesn’t go away after a week. They can also recommend stretches or exercises to help you recover.

I suffered from a dull ache in the hip...but kept going until graduation (now banned from running for the foreseeable future... doctor's orders, though other forms of exercise OK).

I hope the pain subsides and you can get back out there. :-)


Extra rest day until it goes. Don't try to run just to complete the course. Wait until you are feeling better. Good luck for your graduation :-)


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