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Failed wk9 run 3!

I've not blogged much, but was looking forward to announcing my graduation this week.

I started this in July last year, then re-started as hubby decided to join me, then I fell over whilst walking the dogs and had to rest for a few weeks (groin strain would you believe?).

We started over again at , I think wk 4 and all has gone really well, I was just starting to feel really confident with two week 9s behind me, but I just couldn't manage the last run, we did 15 minutes and I had to stop. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone out that night as I'd had a really bad headache all day, but I'd felt better and we went with the idea that we'd try and take it easy.

I was sad not to have done my last run, but I thought there's always another day and I did run for 15 mins, that's 15 mins more than I could at the start.

Anyway we walked home, did our stretches etc. and about 5 mins after this, whilst preparing dinner my left inner knee started to hurt, I didn't think too much of it at the time, but it got worse overnight and I have been hobbling about since Wednesday.

I think it's feeling better, but it still hurts when I walk, have to walk the dogs, I've been resting and icing it, has anyone else suffered this? Did it take long to get over it? And how should I start back?

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks from a very despondent Jane

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So sorry to read about this (hopefully temporary) setback. :-( Can't give you any specific advice, I'm afraid. Just hoping things turn out well for you.


Sorry you didn't make the final run Jane, but like you said you still did 15 minutes. :-) Try and rest you knee as much as possible and don;t try running until it feel better. You certainly don't want to cause more damage. Hope it's feeling better soon.


Oh dear, no wonder you are feeling despondent! :(

However, you have not failed ... a) that word isn't permitted here and b) you are being responsible and sensible about your injury!

You probably know that knee problems have many different causes and cures. Very few indeed mean that a person can never run again - I have a pal with knee prob's and her physio has told her to abandon the knee supports, develop the tendons and muscles by gentle, targeted exercise and then she SHOULD commence gentle running to bring them back to full health! Now, of course, I'm not suggesting that you have identical problems, but I do think that maybe you should talk to your GP, Physio and/or read as much as you possibly can about runners' knee problems. There are hundreds of informative websites and even a 'knee' area on this one!

Stay positive, rest as much as you possibly can while they are still hurting, and be assured that we'll all still be here to cheer you on to that graduation when you are eventually able to complete the programme! Lots of luck and take care ;) Linda x


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