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W8/R1 woohoo 5k?

Well tonight I completed w8/r1 but not only did I run the 28mins, Laura said "cool down" but I had the urge to just keep going so did for another 4 mins, it felt great, walked for an extra 5 mins to cool down so 10 in total as have to work tomorrow and am on my feet all day, but I felt greeeeeet, and to top it off I covered 5.81km.

I know there is a bit of controversy over wether or not you should include the warm up and cool down but the app on my phone adds it all together but within all the stats it states that my expected 5k is 32.43 mins so it really is borderline as to wether or not I actually ran 5k. I am just so happy I don't care. Roll on w8/r2, I can't believe I am actually looking forward to it. I should have graduated on 7th April but have repeated a few runs but the end is in sight and I still really can't believe how far I've come. My only disappointment is that I use the app on my windows based phone and I have yet to hear the words from Laura "you are a runner" that many of you have posted as hearing but deep down I know I'm a runner.

Tonight I even got a toot and a wave from the local train which strangely gave me a great boost just around the half way point when I needed it most

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Terrific, great, super train, great training! :D

We are so close now, chuffing along and nearly at graduation. I'm a run ahead of you, but also started back in early Feb, so, I've done a few repetitions along the way too. I reckon those consolidating/strengthening runs have taken us both to the... 'bring it all on stage' now, where we are running happily because we know we can! What a super feeling! Seeya next weekend at graduation ... Have a great final week. Cheers, Linda :)


Thanks Linda

Well done to you too. I agree totally as the runs have got longer they have almost got easier but I think it's because like you say I was ready, I spent a couple of weeks doing week one just so I could work on my breathing etc and repeated a couple of runs as not happy with them, but like you have never given up, I read posts a out peoples emotions but I think I'm too shocked that I'm running to be emotional lol.

Good luck with your last few runs and I'll meet you at the finish line :)


"too shocked that I'm running to be emotional" - lovely! You are doing a grand job there. How nice to have the train toot for you too! :D


Thanks greenlegs :)


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